As some of you might know, I FREAKING LOVE HOLIDAYS AND TRAVELLING, it’s no secret that I am happiest when I have a trip planned. At the moment I don’t & it’s killing me a little bit inside. We can’t decide where we want to go or what the budget will allow, so it’s slowing my processes down, and I need to remind myself why I need to book a holiday. So whilst yes, this post is for my readers – it’s also a post for me too.
*hand over eyes monkey emoji*
1. For your own sanity
Oh boy, with the type of work I do and the social life I have, my head is regularly spinning. Sometimes to drop off the grid to indulge in food, cocktails, sightseeing and relaxing with a book by the pool. It’s simple, when I’m away from every day life,  my mind just instantly switches off. The stress just immediately flows and ebbs away. It’s only right we treat ourselves with a little bit of respect by allowing ourselves a break.

2. Something to look forward to
Similar to point 1. We are a nation of hard workers. Late evenings checking work emails, dashing around like headless chickens, we have to be working this hard for something right. My motto is “I work to live, not live to work.” and boy do I need a calendar where I can count down the days, day by day, literally.

3. Educate Yourself
I don’t know about you, but I feel like I’m a much more rounded person for experiencing different lifestyles and cultures. I’m not being snobby, but speaking from experience, I have an acquaintance who hasn’t stepped foot outside of the UK. They refuse to try new, authentic food or cuisine, have very odd views on certain things (many things that I do not agree with) and can be very small minded when it comes to the world. My own personal opinion is if they experienced new places & destinations they might have different views and be way more educated about the world itself.

4. For the ‘Gram
Aw man, I’m just kidding (kinda!). But on a serious note, I always feel way more inspired when I’ve hopped on a plane and seen new things. It opens up my mind to look at new things which in turn provokes new blog ideas and content for when I’m back on home turf (and, like I said, it also looks pretty good on Instagram? Am I right?)

5. One for the Bucket List
It’s time to enjoy the things you normally wouldn’t. Hike up Machu Pichu, throw yourself out of a plane in New Zealand or celebrity spot on the island of Capri. You’ll never experience everything in life by sitting comfortably at home. I get that some people long for that quiet life, I totally get it (it’s nice to love being home) but I on the other hand crave new adventures on a constant basis because every day life can become the same thing, day in, day out. So go on, tick something off that bucket list that you’ve been dying to do. I bet you’ll feel amazing for it afterwards?!

So, have you got  some flights that you’ve constantly been checking on Skyscanner or Agoda? Have I persuaded you to book them yet?

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15 comments so far.
  • Love the idea of booking a holiday for the gram!! But where to go is the question…xx

    • Haha! Lets face it, the thought crosses our mind 😉
      Bee xxx

  • I feel you… I need holidays for my own sanity! I’ve got a couple booked but definitely need some more for later in the year!

    • Oh man, same here. I’ve not got one booked and I’m going C R A Z Y! Where you heading to?
      Bee xxx

  • I can’t imagine what it must be like to never leave the UK – I’ve had so many amazing holidays visiting other countries x


    • I know right? I just don’t think I could do it.
      Bee xxx

  • Hayley Rubery

    LOVE this post lady, completely hear you about educating yourself! I feel so much more knowledgeable and worldly since I’ve travelled, I think it’s so important to understand different cultures and how people live/travel. I love following your adventures lovely! 🙂

    Hayley xo

    • Thank you so much, It was more of a mental reminder that I need to book something. I’m literally dying here with no holiday plans! Ha.

      But, agreed. I feel way more informed about the world with travelling! Thank you – I love following yours too 🙂

      Bee xxx

  • I totally agree with the fact that traveling can educate you. It is such a middle class opinion but it is true! It is probably the easiest and funniest forms of education.

    When I travel I come up with a million and one blog posts. Not just about the country I’m visiting. But about anything! Travelling can really open your mind and boost your inspiration!

    Always loving your posts!

    • I do feel such a snob for saying it, and by no means have I had a privileged upbringing. It’s been mainly my desire to never sit still and want to visit the world. I’ve always been quite passionate about the travel industry.

      Same here – except I need to write LOADS of Rome posts! Thank you lovey xxx

  • Kel

    I’m the same, I always like to have something booked – its important to have something to look forward to!

    • It’s actually killing me that I don’t have one booked. I think my driving has just been such a priority this year, I’ve had to let it slide. But I will have something, fingers crossed!
      Bee xxx

  • I have yet to decide where next January’s big holiday will be (we do it then as it’s the easiest time to take more than a week off…) my search usually starts and ends with what flight deals I find on skyscanner (hence Puerto Rico this January just gone!)
    We are going to Italy soon!!!! But nothing other abroad planned… but I’m getting itchy to start booking!
    Holly xx BLOG: http://www.mrshollycrocker.com
    LATEST: https://www.mrshollycrocker.com/blog/2017/4/21/veeno-italian-wine-cafe-chester

    • It’s such a good idea, plus prices are generally a lot lower in January too. Peurto Rico sounds dreamy!

      Oh Italy is an absolute dream. Just remind me where you are going again?

      Bee xxx

  • Ahhh holidays are looking far off this year, not sure it’s going to happen! However, ticking things off the bucket list is going well this year, half marathon = DONE! Alice xxx




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