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Without sounding too braggy, it’s safe to say that 2017 is going to be a hard year to beat. I feel like I’m so raised after such a brilliant 365 days that surely it can’t get any better? They often say that the higher the fall, the greater the hurt. Well, I’m determined not to let that happen. And try as I might, 2018 will hopefully be just as good year as the previous. If not better! By the power invested in me and these 9 promises I’ve made to myself, I’m going to (try) live my best life this year…



I promise not to get caught up in idle gossip.
The phrase, “don’t say anything if you haven’t got anything nice to say” has given me a little guidance on this one. I don’t want to know what Susie got up to the weekend and I most certainly don’t need to have an opinion on it either. What is other people’s business is, is just that: other people’s business. I’m not interested in spreading or indulging in rumours or gossip. It’s not nice and it most certainly isn’t fair on the party involved. Plus, the negative vibes of publicly bashing someone really ruins my chill. Being part of a shit storm is never easy and words can be twisted in the most horrid of ways, being on the receiving end of that can put things in to perspective, so when someone starts telling me what Susie got up to or did, I’ll be steering clear of those conversations and will be subtly changing the subject.



I promise to push myself out of my comfort zone.
I’m one of those people who worries about the “ifs” and the “buts” in life. I can never stop thinking about the knock on effect if something went wrong. It’s terrible.

But, this year I want to push myself out of that way of thinking to do exciting things. Maybe it’s about getting on a plane on my own or with people I’ve never travelled with or offering my photographic skills (for free!) at someone’s wedding (side note: I really, really, really want to do this year, so if you know anyone or yourself are getting married this year, please get in touch!)

Life can become very mundane if you don’t do things that make you happy. And I intend to do more of that this year!


I promise to care less about what other people think.
For most of my life I have always worried about what other people think. I’m not saying I want to totally disregard other people’s opinions etc, I just want to have a more care-free attitude to making decisions. My mind would often send me in to a spiral about how X, Y & Z would be affected if I did something. That will always be there, I’m sure, but I’m training myself in baby steps to try not to do this on such a regular basis and especially with smaller, lesser decisions that need to be made.

This one also concerns itself with my Blog and Instagram. I always worried that people who I know from my “non blogging” circles would judge me and laugh at what I was doing on my little space on the web. But really,I should be proud of this blog and what it offers me and what opportunities I’ve been given off the back of it. In fact, really, it’s pretty cool and anyone who thinks otherwise needs to “get in the sea” (is that still a relevant saying?) In conclusion, there will most certainly be less cares given to the things that do not need any cares.



I promise to look after myself better.
This has many elements to it at varying degree’s. I do need to start looking after myself better and that started last week. As someone who knows they struggle with bread, it makes me bloated and it makes me feel lethargic, I made a conscious decision not to eat it from Monday to Friday. Instead, on New Years Day we made a really healthy, spiced root vegetable soup (which was yummy!) After eating it I felt so much better for it, there was a significant change in my appearance too. I’ve decided that I’m not going to cut it out completely, as I love a good bacon sandwich, but I want to feel brighter and more in control.

Getting back to the gym is a priority for me. It makes me feel stronger, healthier and above all more positive about everything. Those gym endorphins kick ass and so do I when I go. My plan is to crack on with a plan mid January (when hopefully people have gotten it out of their systems!) so if anyone has an amazing “I’m not very good at the gym but I can do this really well” fitness plan, then please HOLLA at me.

I’m also going to make sure that I start taking more vitamin supplements/eating more fruit. And I’m going to start taking my antihistamines all year round. A whole 365 days are spent sniffling, sneezing and generally being allergic to everything that I’ve partly got used to it. I shouldn’t have to be known as “the girl who always needs a tissue” and I’m hoping if I get in to a routine someone can come up with a better nickname come 2019!



I promise to read more.
Yep, I want to put my phone down a little more this year and get lost in books. As I was growing up you’d often never see me without a book but as I’ve become more reliant on technology and social media I forget to read a real book, with real paper and pages in it.

There’s nothing quite like getting lost in a novel and falling in love with it’s characters!


I promise to leave people behind that don’t have my best interests at heart & spend more quality time with those that do.
2017 showed me that some people just aren’t worth the time. But there are others that really frigging do deserve it in bucketloads. I want to spend my time with people who make me laugh till my belly hurts, make me question some of life’s greatest mysteries, ones who will push me, those who won’t stop me from pursuing things that might seem like a really silly idea.

I want to be that person that sends flowers to someone, just because. I want to be that person who will lend an ear when a friend is in need. I want to be that person who will drop things to be there for someone, I want to push my friends to be the best version of themselves and I want to be someone’s biggest fan, cheerleading them along the way.

This year I’m going to stay in my lane. I’m not going to concern myself with “but she’s doing this and I’m not” or “how come they get all the opportunities and I don’t” – gone are those days. I’m going to shout and whoop and be that person who supports those who are there for me and celebrate their successes just as much as my own.


I promise not to be too hard on myself.
It’s like I had a wake up call at the back-end of twenty-seventeen. I’m under no disillusion that I’m “the best blogger in the world.” I’m most certainly not. But, from the day I won my award for my photography it was like a little lightbulb switched on and a voice said to me, “you can do this and you can do it really good.” Over the years, self-doubt has kinda been my thing. In fact I think I got so caught up in putting a downer on myself, that people started to switch off. No-one likes a pity party! So, I rolled my socks up and decided that enough was enough, there’s no shame in being proud of what you do!

Positivity breeds positivity and I’ve learnt that from my self-worth epiphany. In turn this has brought me more opportunities than I could have ever imagined. I’m making more plans, I’m managing my time better, I’m approaching brands with proposals that 2016 Bee wouldn’t even know possible.

By finally accepting that I’m good at something and I can make a really good go of it, I’m way happier and my mental health has improved tenfold.



I promise to get outdoors more.
You know how much I love being outdoors if you read this blog. And as much as sitting in my PJs’ with a cup of tea is pretty high up there in my list of life’s little pleasure’s, getting outside clears away the cobwebs and I’m always filled with new ideas for content and creativity when I get my bum out the door.

I want to make sure we have more days out exploring Yorkshire and the UK. There will always be my camera to hand because I just love shooting the most glorious scenes. It’s becoming a passion that I can’t do without now.


I promise to get my shit together.
Well, as best I possibly can! We might be married, have stable jobs and own a home but underneath it all, I’m always still treading water trying to “adult” ike everybody else!

This is the year we look for our second home. As much as I’ll be sad to say goodbye to our little humble abode, we are going to need a bigger house one day and I’d rather be ready for that sooner than later. We already have a buyer for our house. I’ve finally convinced Mr C to go look at a house that ticks many of our boxes – however, it doesn’t have a garage (one of Mr C’s stipulations!) so we need to think of clever ways to help him realise that it’s not the be all and end all… (send help!)

I decided that this year there wouldn’t be any resolutions. I feel they are faddy and quickly get forgotten about. My promises are real, genuine promises to myself to improve my life, my health and my success for the next coming year (and hopefully going even further in to the future.)
Have you made any similar resolutions or promises to yourself this year?


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  • One of our boxes we didn’t tick when we bought this house is that it doesn’t have a garage! Luckily there is one room downstairs that should be the dining room that has a concrete floor still so its currently our indoor tool room and there’s a longstanding promise that one day when we do that room up Adam will have his “megashed” If its otherwise perfect, you can definitely find ways around not having one of your boxes ticked! Alice xxxx


    • That is such a good idea – my husband does a lot of work on his car though, which is sadly why he is adamant that we have one. Sob.

      Your house looks so dreamy!

      Bee xxx

  • Sophie Gee

    Love this post. I can relate to all of your promises to yourself. I think all too often we spent too much time worrying about what everyone else thinks or what everyone else is doing when the only person we need to concentrate on it ourselves!

    • We do, we do! It’s so nice to finally be able to say, “you know what, this is me – if you don’t like it, then I’m not apologising anymore.” its such a freeing experience!
      Bee xxx

  • I loved reading this. Such positivity! I’m similar in that I’d much rather set self-improvement goals than faddy resolutions. Oh, and let me know how you get on with the antihistamine thing, because I too am the girl who always needs a tissue! And it’s getting a bit tiring!!

    • Girl, I totally feel ya. It sucks doesn’t it. It seems to be helping (and knocking me out at night for a good nights sleep too!)

      Yes – self improvement is exactly where its at!

      Bee xxx

  • I think these are amazing goals! I’m the same with allergies, such a pain! I’ve started on a nasal spray / sometimes antihistimine regime and it seems to be finally working! x

    • Thanks so much Jasmin – I decided that I wanted to follow on from a rather good year of self discovery!
      Bee xxx

  • Love love love these goals hun! I definitely want to read more and I’m determined to look after myself more – I just can’t keep up with my busy schedule sometimes, so need to take more time to myself & am focusing on eating better & getting lots of rest and sleep xx

    Jessie | allthingsbeautiful-x

    • I love getting lost in a book – sometimes its an escape that nothing else can give you.

      Sounds like some really good promises to keep to yourself!

      Bee xxxx

  • These are such great promises, Bee! I think if you can stick to these promises, you will have a wonderful year ahead of you. Good luck in the house search. I can’t help with advice on the garage front, as a garage is essential for me and hubby with a motorbike, pushbikes etc! x http://www.aimeeraindropwrites.co.uk x

    • I really do hope so – I’m glad you have faith in me πŸ™‚

      Haha, I shan’t put you forward for any convincing then? Hehe!

      Bee xxx

  • I love these kinda lists – well done for setting them out so well!
    MY only little thing re exercise and the gym for any sort of staying power / motivation… see a PT who can make you interested in it! (Or better still, read Better than Before by Gretchen Rubin and work out yourself exactly what would help your habits stick πŸ˜‰ ) xxx

    • YES! Thank you for the tips. I go through stages of absolutely hammering the gym to then not going at all. Such a vicious circle. Fingers crossed I’m gonna head back next week!

      Bee xxx

  • Zara

    I definitely need to stop worrying about what other people think quite as much. I don’t talk about my blog with my friends all that much because I worry deep down they are going to judge me for it which is so silly. These are all really inspiring goals, hope you have a fab 2018! x

    • Zara, I totally understand. I am/was exactly the same. The more I talk about it and the more people understand it though, the easier it gets. Its time to educate those who don’t understand (because that’s why people laugh!)

      You have a wonderful 2018 too!

      Bee xxx

  • Penny

    Hi, I have been an admirer of you instagram for sometime and this year, I’ve promised myself to stop being so shy and start commenting and engaging with the bloggers I really like. You are one of the first.
    I find I like to have a vision/aims/things that will fulfil me for the coming year and some of mine are similar to yours, like reading more and trying to be less concerned about what others think. It’s all about self-care and giving ourselves a little bit of nurture. I look forward to hearing updates on how it’s going. x p.s. your pics are very inspirational.

    • Penny;

      1) you’ve made my absolute day with that comment, thank you thank you thank you – a million times over!
      2) it sounds like we are on the same page with our promises.

      Happy 2018!

      Bee xxx

  • Haha, Bee, I love you and I love this post.
    For your blog and Instagram and how ‘together’ you always come across, it really baffles me and makes me sad that you could be anything other than confident. You’re a truly wonderful person inside and out and you sure as hell deserve all the recognition and love you get and will get, but also you deserve to be happy in yourself.
    Putting all your thoughts above into process i cannot wait to see what you accomplish for your blog, but more so for yourself this year! – and if the fear ever creeps in, get this post read!


    • Oh Caroline, it was only till the back end of last year that I finally “found” myself.

      Remember what a dithering wreck I used to be, never believing in myself, thinking I was crap. I feel so much more together now because I know the direction I wanna take in life and with my blog.

      Thank you for always being such a support network for me – can’t wait to see you tomorrow and I certainly am very excited for your 2018 to unfold πŸ™‚

      Bee xxx

  • Kel

    I promise that if I ever get married you can definitely come and take my pictures!
    This is an excellent series of promises, and I’m sure you’ll go from strength to strength in 2018!

  • What an incredibly well written post! I watched your talk on Saturday at blog at the beach and OMG you were amazing! So inspirational and I really did feel very inspired leaving from hearing yours, Kirsty and Kaye’s presentation πŸ™‚ I especially loved this rule in your post : “I promise to leave people behind that don’t have my best interests at heart & spend more quality time with those that do.” This is something I’ve really tried to implement during my early twenties. I’d much rather have a handful of friends who support me and are positive influences in my life rather than those who are there to make me steer off track of living negatively! Great read, so happy I’ve come across your content because of Saturday πŸ™‚ Lots of love x Imogen


  • Lauren Wilkinson

    Lovely positive post Bee. I also promised myself that I’ll get outdoors more this year. I definitely need to care less what people think; I think I come across as uber confident, but people forget there are hidden illnesses and just because you try to be positive all the time, it doesn’t mean you actually are, as such I take things to heart…

    Lauren xx – bylaurenjane



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