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Let’s face it, bar a few days earlier on in the summer months, we’ve had a pretty rainy few weeks here in the UK when really it needs to be hot, hot, hot. Sadly though, it just ain’t happening. Instead of lying on a sun lounger in the garden with a good book and a beer, I’m reaching for my cosy pj’s, a snuggle blanket and copious amounts of tea to keep warm and snugly. Not fair. So it’s only right to crave comfort food, right?

pud in a mug queenbeady dr oetker

queenbeady dr oetker pud in a mug

You see, I’ve always been a savoury gal. Throw a family sized pack of doritos at me and I’m your woman for demolishing them. A buffet, you say? I’m all over those party sized sausage rolls and cocktail sausages. You could say I’m in my element whenever there’s party food. Who can blame me? It’s so darned good.

But sometimes, I really don’t know what to have when I have a craving for something sweet. Okay, chocolate is an obvious answer but I try not to keep too much of it in the house in fear of going on a chocolate rampage when the monthly’s arrive and I’m wanting to kill eat everything in sight.

When a Dr.Oetker package landed on my doorstep one day, it filled a little sweet shaped void that had been lacking for so long. The gloriously named, “Pud In a Mug” would be something I’d soon regret devour in a minute or two flat.

In short, it’s basically a cake in a mug. You pop your mixture in a mug with a splash of milk and pop in the microwave for 90 seconds. And voila, you have a mug filled with an actual slice of baked goods without having to stir, fold, mix or whiz around for hours. You also don’t have the added stress of a mass clean up afterwards either, except for one mug. (Which in all honesty, I licked the mug that clean it probably could have gone back in the cupboard.)

So, put those utensils away. Sit back and relax and let Dr.Oetker do all the hard work for you.


I know, you’re all looking at this post thinking, what have I been doing with my life for so long? All those hours slaving away baking cakes when the answer was sitting in a sachet all along. But fear not, I’ve clearly come to rescue Dr.Oetker have clearly come to the rescue, with this incredible idea. What’s more they are about 80p in various supermarket retailers. Bargain.

So far I’ve tried the Vanilla Chocolate Chip mix and let me tell you hunniez, it is EXACTLY where it’s at. It’s made snuggling up on the sofa with a cup of tea and a good book all the more enticing on a night! My husband has even commondeered the Sticky Toffee Pudding one as it’s his fave, so that leaves the Chocolate Sponge to split down the middle. I can see this could get a little tricky!

Have you ever tried these puddings? I’m literally still in shock at how easy they are?

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*This post was in collaboration with Dr.Oetker and all opinions of these tasty treats are all mine.

5 comments so far.
  • Now that sounds like my kind of pudding on a midweek evening! Sounds super easy x

    Jenny | LuxeStyle

    • They are SO easy, it’s unreal. Let me know which ones you try!
      Bee xxx

  • Kel

    Mmm I love these – didn’t realise there was a sticky toffee pudding one though, I’m going on the hunt!

    • YESSSSSS!! I’m still waiting for Mr C’s verdict, but I’m sure it will only be good things (espesh if he gets some custard in there too!)
      Bee xxx

  • The Sunday Mode

    This totally reminds me of those ‘mug cakes’ that people always used to make (and probably still make? I don’t know I’m so out of the loop haha). It’s such a clever idea though!

    Julia // The Sunday Mode



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