About me



About Me

You happened to have come across my little space on the web & I’d like to thank you for stumbling upon it. How you came upon it is anyone’s guess? So, I guess I owe you somewhat a bit of an explanation about this whole situation.

My 8 year old self would while away the time creating handmade magazines to share with my family. Using only my latest Crayola set a wad of old type writing paper and not least my imagination. I’d make up silly stories & play the part of an imaginary Agony Aunt. With the likes of Girl Talk & Mizz always being securely placed in hand as a little girl, I always knew that what I wanted to do was write.

Well, the little girls dream came (half) true.

I now solely write this blog to not only share with you, but also something that I can look back on in my later years and remember that I did some pretty awesome things, saw awesome things & ate some awesome things. I also love the word awesome. My style is predominantly Lifestyle & Personal Style posts. I don’t credit myself as the next Dickens, nor the next Anna Wintour. I just do what I enjoying doing.

If you meet me, you will instantly find that I want to know about you. I will ask you a million & one questions at the speed of light, probably not even taking a moments breath. I suppose that’s my journalistic instinct, but then I ruin it by forgetting everything.

I’m an exuberant personality. I laugh, rather loud and probably like a pig, I joke, I am terribly inappropriate sometimes. But, in amongst it all I am real. Take me as I am & as you find. I have a lot of love to give & plenty of time for the right people. Those people are the kind, good natured, selfless people who won’t stand on you to get to the top. I like people like that. You know, just real.

By day I flog photo booths & by night I write my own fully fledged blog that started in 2012. The rise & rise of the blogger is tremendous and I am so proud to be part of that community which is making waves in the system. My blog is a mixture of Lifestyle, Personal Style & motivational posts that I do hope inspire just one of you out there.



I'm Bee. 27 year old who is finally starting to understand herself. A Scorpio that's too nice to use that sting in her tail, regularly found searching for holidays or online shopping. Happiest when being fed, travelling & spending time with Mr C.






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