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Yep, I know it’s reminiscent of a certain S Club 7 song but it had to be done. When life throws you Northern Bloc Ice Cream be sure to make crazy, incredibly, insta-worthy deserts. Even if it is just for the ‘gram. But really, this wasn’t just for the feed, this was in aid of finding something scrummy to fill our tummies one night when we wanted something sweet to eat. So, an incredible stack of waffles plus strawberry meringue ice cream and fruit was made and it was devoured in about 60 seconds flat when Mr C & I got our forks in to them.

northern bloc waffles and ice cream queenbeady

northern bloc waffle stack and ice cream

northern bloc waffles

northern bloc waffle stack queenbeady

northern bloc waffles ice cream fruit

northern bloc queenbeady

northern bloc waffles and ice cream and milkshake

northern bloc milkshake and waffles

northern bloc waffles

northern bloc ice cream and waffles

northern bloc ice cream and waffles

As much as I’m a savoury gal at heart, you will test my patience if I do not get to see a desert menu when we are out having dinner. There’s nothing like finishing off a nice meal with a sweet treat before heading off home. Not only does my belly need feeding, I also love to see the presentation of deserts and often find them the show stopper course of a nice meal out.

I was on the warpath to try and create something similarly spectacular when Northern Bloc kindly sent me a whole hamper of ice-cream goodies (cue the heart eyed face emoji!) and I’d been wondering what to do with them, without just digging straight in – what do you think I’m an animal? No, I wanted a wow-factor desert, something that would make us go “ooh la-la!” when I presented it on the table. Something I poured my heart and soul in to (well, sort of!)

Thus the waffle stack was born.

It can be as simple as you like, unless your Mary Berry of course, but all I did was grab some sugar dusted waffles from my local supermarket, slapped them in the toaster for about a minute, whipped them out and piled them high with each layer holding a big scoop of ice cream and a few pieces of black forest style fruits. It really took no making at all and yet, here I am, looking at these photos thinking “how many times do you think people will mind seeing these on Instagram because I am in bloody love with my concoction?” (No humble bragging here, she said!)

I didn’t just stop at waffles.

Oh no.

After seeing this incredible post from Rhianna (who also happens to take THE BEST photos of everyting!) on her Freakshake recipes, I had to jump on the bandwagon by using the Chocolate & Sea Salt flavour to create a creamy milkshake. I added two generous scoops to my blender with some milk and whizzed it around for about 60 seconds, I even added a couple of hazelnuts to give a nutty taste too. Talk about all the noms? I mean mine didn’t quite have the “pizzazz” in looks, but it sure packed a punch when I was slurping away on it after eating my share of the waffles.

With both puddings, you can swap and change the ingredients but be sure to add some tasty Northern Bloc ice cream and you won’t go far wrong. Now, if you will excuse me, I’m about to google some more ice cream based desert recipes, see ya!

What would have made with youy Northern Bloc ice cream hamper? I’d love to know in the comments.

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*Northern Bloc kindly sent me goodies however all thoughts on these scrumptious, pots of delight are all mine!

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