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I’m curvy. I have “mothering hips”, a rather large rump and 32FF boobs. I fit in to a size 12 and then sometimes things still don’t fit (I’m looking at you Topshop/H&M!) When I was a teen, I hit puberty pretty early. In fact, I got my period aged 12 on my third day at High School. True fact. Any male readers, you probably wanna leave now. It was the day I supposedly “became a woman” (LOLZ. Lie. It was the day that it was the start of horrific period pains and illness) but I was only a child and I’d often find myself thinking “why me?” and “why had it happened to me so soon?” but eventually I just had to deal with it. My boobs began to grow but nothing else really did so I was still pretty slim. Bonus. However, since the age of about 18, adult life took over and food was more about convenience rather than calorie counting. I’ve had to learn how to work with my body and it’s ever changing shape.




Body confidence doesn’t come overnight. Heck, even when you have it, it can still be pretty darned tough. Looking at pages in magazines and seeing beautiful, tall and slim woman it’s hard not to look at yourself and doubt every role or every bit of cellulite you might have. But, it just isn’t real. The amount of airbrushing that occurs is off the scale and that is so damaging to so many impressionable teens and women. I add the latter because I now feel more pressure to look good as a fully fledged adult than what I did surrounded by self-centred teens at high school. And it scares me that if I can think like that, how the hell must a 14 year old girl feel in this day and age?




Sometimes it is about how you dress yourself to make you feel better. I often find it difficult because of my shape. Magazines and websites tell me as a “curvy gal” I need to wear figure hugging clothes that reveal my best assets. So, this outfit is as far as it goes but I still look at it and pull apart the pieces where you can see a slight tummy bulge. The idea of wearing really tight clothes makes me baulk and you’ll very rarely see anything on me that hugs my lumps and bumps. When you don’t fit in to the “plus size” bracket or the super slim, how is it, that I walk in to stores and still struggle to find items of clothing that fit?



My body confidence is something that goes through fits and starts. In this post I talk about completely “owning it” no matter what shape or size, but it is okay to not love everything about yourself, it’s just how you let it consume you. My goal is to keep going with a bit of weight loss, I feel better when I’m looking more toned, that is who I am and what my body shape should be for my height too. ‘Cept burgers and fries happen too often! What I wanna say is, it’s okay to love yourself, it’s also absolutely fine to not be crazy about something on your body either. We are only human and as long as we are being the best versions of ourselves, then no-one else can judge us.

Bee xxx


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  • Oh, I understand the stress of larger boobs. Mine vary is size and shape on what seems to be a daily basis, bras for our size are so difficult to get in pretty patterns that also actually work as bras, and then there’s being petite while having them. Technically I’m a 30, but getting hold of a 30 is about as easy as finding a dodo it seems. There have been so many times when I’ve seen this beautiful bra I’d like only to find it’s not in my size or so expensive I can’t afford it. It’s one of the most disappointing things in the world. When you’re working on being confident with your body and it feels like you’ve been locked out of getting something that does make you feel happier is so hard.

    That dress looks really lovely on you. Do you find that getting shirts and dresses that fit can be a total nightmare? There have been times when I’ve turned to buying shirts from the men’s racks, but they never quite fit on the shoulders.

    • Kayleigh, it can be such a stress can’t it? We are also destined for only beige, unfrilly bras too! Ha! It drives me up the wall that we can’t get hold of bra’s that are pretty and fun. I also hate the fact that if you have large boobs you can’t actually look at a cheaper end of the scale, you have to fork out masses for it. It’s cruel, especially for a few extra cm’s of fabric!

      I find shirts an absolute nightmare to buy! I might have to look at the men’s section next time, ha!
      Bee xxx

  • Jessica Ayton

    These photos are just gorgeous! I love coming to your blog and looking at your photos!

    Body confidence is such a weird thing, I struggle with it a lot a lot and I really wish I didn’t ha!

    You look beautiful here lady! Jess | Iamfoxxtailz

    • Oh Jess, you are absolutely gorgeous beyond words. Thank you. Body confidence IS weird as you say. We’re damned if we do, damned if we don’t!
      Bee xxx

  • Bernadette

    Lovely post. I find this such a wonderful read. I find that there is a lot of negative stigma not only about body image as a whole for girls but the concept of having a flat stomache. I think as a female that area of the body is the most tricky in general. I mean just during that time of the month alone that area can bloat up and i hate how the media stigmatizes that part of the body. You can even see it with celebrities any female with a non-flat stomach is classified as pregnant.

    • Thank you so much Bernadette, I’m so glad you enjoyed it. There is so much stigma, I mean heck, I do want a flat stomach. I know I gotta work hard at it. I find being sat behind a desk all day does not do me any favours at all. You’re right! Take the Jennifer Aniston situ for example, that poor bloody woman!
      Bee xxx

  • Firstly – you look totally SMOKING in these photos! Such a sassy outfit.

    Also – I think we might have exactly the same body shape (even down to bra size, haha!). I know exactly what you mean about sometimes struggling to know what to wear – I was a lot slimmer when I was younger and could wear anything from Topshop, but now I have to think about whether stuff will stretch over my backside and hips haha. I try to find lots of things that nip in at the waist as that is always more flattering and makes me feel confident 🙂 x

    Sophie Cliff

    • AnnaInternational

      Ha, that makes three of us! Except I am also super short so I look a lot more round 🙁 I have actually just been and bought some new, properly fitted bras though (Bravissimo, I <3 you, but why so expensive?!) and it has made a huge difference to how I feel about my shape. I am no longer terrified of wearing my wedding dress in 6 weeks, just quite scared and in need of a tan to hide the wobble. A good bra is basically a girl's best friend!
      Totally agree you look amazing! I love charity shop bargains – got an M&S coral shift dress for a friend's wedding in the tiny one in our village a few weeks ago for £3! x

      • WHY ARE THEY SO EXPENSIVE? This is exactly what annoys me. You can walk in to a shop and shop the smaller sizes, get pretty patterned / coloured ones and they be cheap and chips and then boom, when you hit the slightly larger sizes it costs a bomb. Boo! You are looking crazy gorgeous! You do not look round, girl!
        That is SUCH a bargain! I can’t wait to see your outfit.
        Bee xxx

    • I think she looks smoking as well! x

    • Why thank you, you even more smoking gal!

      I think we do, except you totally rock the bod much better than I. It drives me up the wall deciding what to wear sometimes, I can be so critical. I feel those pains too of where it will and won’t fit when I pick up an item or order something online. Wearing the perfect outfit can send your confidence through the roof can’t it?!
      Bee xxx

  • I am still waiting for the boob fairy to materialise for me. Most of this is all an illusion created by good bras. In fact at my wedding dress fitting the tailor even joked about having to create breasts in my dress for me. For years (I’m looking at you college years) I was really self-conscious about it, but I’ve grown to embrace it lately and have even stopped wearing my absolutely insane pushup bras with approximately 3 inches worth of padding.

    • Awww, let’s swap shall we? I have forgotten what it’s like to be a little less “chested” – we are all beautiful, with or without boobs. I cannot wait to see you in your wedding dress, you are going to make a gorgeous bride!
      Bee xxx

  • It’s definitely more than okay to love yourself! Great outfit and even better post!

    Frankie goes to – Travel Blog

    • PREACH IT SISTER! You are so right, loving yourself is absolutely fine. Being at one with your body is the ultimate zen.
      Bee xxx

  • Aimée Julia Cottle

    Have to agree with the below comments, you do look smoking in your photos! I can really relate to this post as I have mahoosive boobs – 36JJ. This means that although most of me can fit into a size 14-16, my boobs just won’t. Blouses are out, the buttons just gape. If a top isn’t long enough, it’s out, because my boobs pull it up. It’s just a nightmare! And I’ve loathed my body because of them. But this post reminds me I shouldn’t. Just the other week someone commented on how gorgeous I looked because i was wearing my best bra and a lovely flowy top. Wearing the right thing really helps make you feel good about yourself! x x

  • Bee, you look killer in this pics!!! Amazing and beautiful. 🙂
    I do agree though, I’d hate to be a young child growing up in this current society. Magazines, pop stars, peers and the ever growing social media scares me and even more so when I think about my little boy and wondering what could happen down the line for him.
    I’ve never been slim slim.. I’ve always had a bit of a belly and this is sure not going anywhere after having my boy. But, I also say that it could, but I just don’t revolve my live around getting rid of it. Because even if it goes, I’d still find something that needed I think it’s more about finding what actually makes you happy. If the thing that makes you happy is material things then you’ll never be happy. If it’s more like the fact that you have a life, you’re healthy and you have someone or people around you that love you, that’s surely all you need. They love us for who we are, so why shouldn’t we love ourselves? 🙂




I'm Bee. 27 year old who is finally starting to understand herself. A Scorpio that's too nice to use that sting in her tail, regularly found searching for holidays or online shopping. Happiest when being fed, travelling & spending time with Mr C.






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