Jacket H&M | Top C/O Closet London | Jeans ASOS | Bag C/O Radley | Boots C/O 4th & the Reckless | Watch Larsson & Jennings | Photos by Alex Ivory

Okay. I’m gonna say it right now. I feel bad-ass when I wear this outfit. It’s the perfect mixture of feminine meets Boss Woman ready to come at ya. I really love the femininity of the lace detailing on my Victorian style, high neck top from Closet, (I also think it would look super cute under a pinafore or slip dress) which compliments the structure of both the long lined blazer and Radley bag, respectively. When I’m in work mode, I wanna feel encouraged by what I am wearing too (yes, how superficial of me?) But what is it they say?

“Give a girl the right shoes, and she can conquer the world.”

Well, that is how I feel by a well, put together, babing outfit.



















 As a whole, society often find super strong, sassy ladies in business quite intimidating. Often all sexes find a woman in power either a) alluring or b) down right scary. We need to eradicate the latter. I am always finding new ways to be confident (not only in life, because LOLZ, we all know I’m pretty terrid at that?!) but I work in a fast-paced, incredibly intimidating industry with deadlines and delivery galore. Each morning I have to take a deep breath because you just never know what is going to be thrown your way in the events & experiential sector. I thought putting a couple of top tips to assert yourself as a positive, confident and engaged Boss Woman would do the trick.

Can I get an Amen?

1. Prepare
I always make a list of my tasks I need to complete the next day. It’s a great way of getting ahead of yourself an mentally preparing yourself ahead of the game. Top priorities will always go at the top of the list so I know that they must be done. That means that if any curve balls are thrown your way, you’ve generally dealt with the most important things before they rear their head. It also means that nothing gets left to chance & I’m not guessing what I need to do from the day before. Heck, I’ve slept since then.

2. Get out
In this day and age we are all guilty of putting in the extra hours and time at our computers. Allow yourself the time to go out at lunch and grab a bite to eat or a coffee, or even just a walk round the block. The key to it is, DON’T FEEL GUILTY ABOUT DOING IT. You are entitled to your lunch break, so use it to get away from work and focus on getting that well-deserved fresh air. I know I always feel ready to get back in to it after giving myself an outdoors break.

3. Turning a negative into a positive
Think about the language you are using around staff. How it can effect them, how it sounds. Are you being negative? Try and put a positive spin on things. Not in a really cheesy way (because FYI that is SUPER annoying) but in a way that’s like “Look X isn’t great now, but in the long run we will gain X,Y,Z.” – People will be way more receptive to you if you acknowledge things aren’t great but how they are going to be or get better in the future.

4. Celebrate successes quietly
I don’t know if this is just me, but I love winning accounts and NOT shouting from the rooftops about it. Not only does it not make you look a big brag if you do (in my humble opinion) but also by not doing it, it makes it look that it’s second nature and is all part of the job (which really, in theory it is.) People will start to follow suit. Of course, obviously if you work in management, a pat on the back and well done to that team member will always go down well. Use it as a bar of expectations & people will respect that. As much as we need celebrate successes, lets encourage it in a less boastful way? (Not everyone will agree with me on this one.)

5. Respect your peers
No-one likes being spoken to like shit. I’ve seen managers above speak to teams in a way that makes me die a little bit inside. I’m always had really positive feedback when working in management that I am more of a leader, than a “boss”. Because Bosses are Bossy. Leaders lead by example. I think if you speak to people in a respectful way, whilst still getting your point across you will be much more highly regarded in your field.

6. Set mini-challenges to reach your goals & targets
You know the saying, #TreatYoSelf, well use it in abundance. Have a task to do? Get half way through it, allow yourself a choccie bar or something of equal, desirable measure. Hit half of your monthly target, buy yourself that book you’ve wanted (or shoes?) Make sure you keep the momentum going to reach the end, without making it too much of a chore.

7. Remember it is just a job
Some people live to work. I’ve never followed that philosophy. I work to live, but make sure I enjoy what I do at the same time. It’s a healthy balance. Please do remember to try and switch off when you get home. I can be guilty of thinking about a million and one things I need to do and praying that my jobs and events go well over the weekend but you must allow yourself that time to enjoy your personal life too. It’s only fair.

Do you have any top tips for bossing it at work on a daily basis? What’s your go-to work outfit too?

I’d love to know!

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9 comments so far.
  • Girl you look incredible in this outfit 😍
    Brilliant points girl! xx

    Allie | Rush + Teal

  • You look amazing! x

  • thewonkyjen

    I love the outfit and I think the advice is spot on and is somewhat applicable in all areas of life…being homebound and disabled I can still apply your advice, it’s just that instead of working with colleagues, I’m working with myself and my family – and instead of job goals, it’s bitwise “getting by” and life management targets.
    As ever your delivery is positive, encouraging and motivating.
    Much love xx

  • Emma Louise Ryan

    Bloody LOVE a blazer and jean combo! I’m the same as you for a work outfit; blazer, girlfriend slouch jeans and a tee! Comfy but so good.

    Your advice is spot on, I used to come home work, go to work and work weekends but taking that time out and realising there is more has made me more productive during the day!

    Great post lovely 🙂 xxx

  • Bee, you look killer! 🙂
    Great advice as always. I think a lot can apply to life in general and I’ll definitely be taking them all in to account personally.


  • Kel

    You do look like a bad-ass boss, I love that top in particular!
    And some excellent advice that I will try to take on board!! x

  • You totally look like a boss-woman! Love this outfit you rock it! We’ve just started doing some energy work for Radley, but sadly i don’t think I get a discount…!! 🙁 Alice xxx

  • Great post and outfit! I remember being terrible at leaving the office for lunch but it’s so important to get some fresh air!
    My work life is so different now so these points don’t feel v relevant to me but really enjoyed reading it!

  • Love this look!



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