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Of course this post comes in the wake of a huge outing of Bloggers / ‘Grammers who decided to cheat the system. By buying fake followers, enlisting bots to comment and like posts and totally abusing the follow/unfollow method (which in my eyes, is terribly shady) they climbed to the top, wangled holidays to far-flung destinations and worked with dream brands. It’s safe to say that the Blogosphere was fuming and I was one of them. As someone who works bloody hard on both my Blog and Instagram content, by growing organically, it really takes the biscuit when other’s haven’t put in the hard work. I don’t want to jump on the bandwagon too much, which is why I tried to put a positive spin on it…

In the wake of this I really tried to keep positive. And whilst it was simply wonderful that people were getting caught out, we needed to keep those who were genuine and authentically growing their following didn’t get disheartened.

I put a shout out (and various threads) on Twitter and HUNDREDS of you shared with the community your favourite Instagrammers and it was so lovely to see everyone pull together and make something good of the really, piss-poor situation. I created another post on Instagram where other creators that I might not interact with on Twitter could post their top 5 fave accounts, and bloody Nora, did I stumble across a bunch of beautiful feeds because of this. My following count went up and I didn’t care at all because I was supporting so many talented people in the industry. I’m pretty sure a lot of people’s follower counts also went up in that one single day as well.

You can see the post here with lot’s of lovely feeds to go and follow.

Woken up with fire in my belly this morning after reading everything about the fake followers/engagement that goes on, on Instagram. I’d love to see the day when everything is back to chronological order and where the algorithm doesn’t favour those with a (fake) larger following. I wanna see genuine, authentic accounts and feeds. NOT, the fake ass ones that are seemingly getting called out today. Remember to keep it real and whilst it looks like hard work doesn’t pay off we might have just seen the day where it actually will 🌿 • • • To cut the crap and see gorgeous, real feeds, please share 5 Instagram accounts you all love in the comments so we can interact with genuine instagrammers. • • • #DistractionsAndInspirations #NestAndFlourish #HazyShadesOfSpring #EverydayWhimsy #QuietChaotics #Wanderfolk #EverydayWhimsy #EverydayWonders #ExploreEverything #TheArtOfSlowLiving #OfQuietMoments #PursuePretty #ASecondOfWhimsy #Shared_Joy #SeekWanderCollect #SlowDownCollective #SpringHasSprung #HowIHue #HappySelves #Calmversation #NestAndFlourish #MyEverydayMagic #SeekWanderCollect #BloggingGals #IHaveThisThingWithWalls #TheGirlGang #MyQuietPlace #CaptureTheMoment #AMomentInTime

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It made my heart swell knowing that I had created a supportive space in pretty bleak times.

By doing this, it proved that once again that hard work does pay off and no matter what, good will always outweigh bad. I really do hope that those that have cheated their way around the system can take a long hard look at themselves and not only admit to the community what they did was wrong but also to themselves (because it looks like a lot of people are in denial about the whole situ.)

We are community that work tirelessly to prove that we are an industry to be taken seriously, that our voices really do need to be heard. It just taints everyone when people go things about the wrong way. It’s simply not fair on all levels.

For some, the web is their safe place, a place where their voices are heard, a space for those wrapped up in the 9-5 have a creative space to let our brains offload and those who do this for a full time job that rely on creating an authentic following to pay the bills. How unfair is that some could have ruined this for some?

I say, we don’t let it happen.

Ask around your blog friends if they have an affiliate link for that gorgeous pair of shoes you want. Make sure you take the time to send a comment to your favourite blogger on their latest post. Click follow on that gorgeous account – don’t give two shits about your follower to following ratio! Let’s just support each other when times do get low because I know we are a resilient group of people that can make a light of the bad times.

So go on, share some love here with your fave Bloggers, Instagrammers, Tweeters! I wanna know who I’m missing out on.

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  • Here here. It’s so hard building an organic following, that it makes a mockery of people dong it the authentic way. I don’t even know what how this can happen to be honest.

    • It is, but we work hard for it, don’t we? And as you say, it totally makes a mockery of all those who are building a following based on engagement and creating beautiful content!
      Bee xxx

  • Lauren Wilkinson

    Couldn’t agree more. Like I said I’ve fallen for the whole ‘we’ll help you find real followers & don’t use bots’ or the advice of poorly informed ‘experts’, but as soon as I realised the error of my ways I stopped. I genuinely don’t understand why people buy followers or use bots to comment!! x

    • Its such a shame that people are out there trying to scam people with those methods!
      Bee xxx

  • I DOn’t think I knew there was some big outing of something dodgy going on – but all the same I like your reaction as I am just a lowly follower enjoying the words and pretty pictures!

    • Sadly Holly, there was. Well, not sadly, because it brought all the shady behaviour to light but it also made our industry look less credible so to share the love for genuine creators was a top priority to not let the bad eggs ruin it for everyone else!
      Bee xxx

  • Ahhh, Bee! I love this post. I’ve only just started out in the blogging world but I already know how hard it is and how hard bloggers work to get where they are. It’s so frustrating to know all of these people who have bought thousands of their followers are living a life of luxury because of it… I bet you anything they aren’t feeling the sense of achievement that we feel when we post a photo that is genuinely liked and has real engagement with real people.

    I just hit the 400 person mark and it’s made me so excited today! I know it’s not that many in the grand scheme of things at the moment but I know I’ve grown that number myself and I can’t wait to see what happens with my little blog because of that.

    Just keep building on your beautiful content, as long as we’re true to ourselves I believe that’s all that matters in the long run xx

    • It’s difficult isn’t it? Even people like myself who has been blogging since 2010 still find it hard to get noticed. But that is the way the cookie crumbles. We will just keep plugging away and working hard and hopefully, just hopefully, those who do work hard like us get our rewards 🙂

      That’s super – congratulations! It’s always nice to hit milestones and feel super proud of it. I bow down to us all who work full time and manage to blog, it is a tricky one to balance!

      Amen sister! Let’s keep plodding along 🙂

      Bee xxx

  • Amy Eade

    I love this post and I absolutely LOVED the positivity that you created on Instagram that day. It’s so nice that actually really positive things can come out of something negative – I found so many nice new feeds to follow and my follower count went up too! Well done for being such a babe <3
    Amy xx

    • Thank you so so so much Amy. We needed to make it about the people who do work hard.

      Sadly, some could have potentially ruined it but by creating a positive spin on things we worked hard to make sure we weren’t unnoticed (whilst they didn’t get away with it either!)

      Bee xxx

  • Bee, even though I knew you were a ‘miffed’ shall we say, as the rest of us, you were a light with your tweets, insta posts and Facebook posts. You’re a true diamond.
    It was so great to see such positivity and community spirit, in a good way to each other, than that of botgate.
    I totally condone everything that was said and done as I believe something needed to be said, but the moment has passed. People have spoken and people now know that we know and hopefully how the community feels.
    Now is the time for us to properly support each other.
    I’ve found so many incredible people and instagram accounts over the last days and hope that people feel the same of finding my own.
    Here’s the the up.


    • Thank you so much gorgeous! It was hard to contain the anger at first, but once I took a step back and really looked at it. Whilst I want them to get caught out, I also didn’t want the whole community to be tarred with the same brush because that would not have been fair at all. I’m so glad you did!
      Bee xxx

  • I LOVED all the new people I followed after this! The positivity from this worked really well and I hope it continues! 🙂

    • Aw Sam, it was great wasn’t it. Some of those insta accounts were BEYOND dreamy!
      Bee xxx



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