When we travelled to Rome back in March, I thought my travel content would be going crazy, but truth be told I took that many photos I found it difficult to sift through them and actually work out a steady stream of blog posts for you. I’m hoping now I’ve done that, slowly but surely, the posts will start coming through. But before we boarded the plane to the capital city, I had so many pre-conceived ideas about the place, that some of it I just did not expect. So, if you’re thinking of going, have a little read of this post and check out the vlog I created too!

A common myth that you’ll probably hear for all tourist/city destinations. But, despite being warned to get up at the crack of dawn to visit all the sights that Rome had to offer, we never made it out of our room before 10am. And, despite that we only queued for around 10 minutes tops at the Coliseum. Yes, you may benefit from slightly less tourists milling around but other than that you aren’t missing out, except for your holiday lie-in. (Plus, I still managed to make my Instagram look babing!)

I’ll be honest, I’d gone to Rome with the preconception that Rome was huge and that we wouldn’t be able to find all the famous spots easily, that we would book a hotel too far out and spend hours trailing from one location to another. It was in fact, quite the opposite. We would often find ourselves stumbling upon sightseeing spot after sightseeing spot unintentionally. If you’re booking a hotel, there is no such thing as “being out on a limb” but if I had to suggest a nice, in the middle area, the Via Del Corso is the gateway to pretty much everything you will want to see in Rome. But FYI, still pack a good pair of walking shoes/trainers. City breaks can be hard work.

Okay, this is a small lie. I literally was blown away by most things (namely the Trevi Fountain and also the vast gelato options. HOLLA.) But the Spanish Steps however, left me feeling a little numb. Stumbling upon on them as we made our way to check in at our hotel, I was a little taken aback at how emotionless it made me feel. Was THAT all Rome had to offer? Luckily, there are other beautiful sights that more than make up for it. Phew.

Rome is synonymous with eating pizza and pasta to the point that you will end up looking like either of those dishes. And yes, that will be all you eat whilst you in are in the Italian capital, but trust me, you won’t eat ten pizza’s the size of ten heads, you won’t make your way through the extensive styles of pasta list either. In reality, you will eat half a 12 incher and bloat to the point where you need to sit down for 5 hours before you can move again. Gelato on the other hand, I ate till it came out of my ears. Indulge and enjoy it though, carbs will be your best friend and worst enemy in the Italian city!

And there you have it. Four myths that were well and truly blown out of the water with Rome. A beautiful city that I very much enjoyed whilst we were there. I can’t wait to bring you a 72 hours guide to Rome in the next couple of weeks.

Have you been to Rome – did you enjoy it?

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  • I did presume that Rome was a large city – I didn’t realise it was fairly small. Eating pizza and pasta and gelato every day sounds like heaven! x


    • It is very easy to walk around some of the main sites in a day. It’s crazy really (you’d obviously not spend a huge amount of time at them but still.)

      The coconut bounty & Nutella concoction was just divine!

      Bee xxx

  • Laura Torninoja

    I’ve just booked my flights to Venice & Verona for this August and I can’t wait – bring on all the pizza & pasta! I’m also planning a weekend trip to Rome for later this year and this post made me even more excited about it 🙂 x

    Laura // Middle of Adventure

    • EEEK! Let me know if you book. I have the Agoda hotel search in my sidebar, have a look and see if you can get any amazing deals!

      Bee xxx

  • Great post! I think the trick with Rome is to go out of season – my Auntie just got back and was at the Vatican at 10am and the queue to get in was going to be about 3 hours! *dies*. I did best of both worlds and just booked timed stuff in advance so I could get my holiday lazy breakfasts AND miss the queues!

    Sam xx

    • Oh my days. You definitely need to pre-book for the Vatican. We walked in quite quickly, so I think it depends what ticket you have (or don’t have as the case may be!)

      That sounds perfect!

      Bee xxx

  • katieemay1

    I love this post!! I really want to visit Rome sometime soon because it looks so gorgeous!

    Katie May xo

    • Oh you must Katie, it’s stunning.

      There’s the Agoda Hotel search in my side bar – see if you can find any amazing deals 🙂

      Bee xxx

  • Carolin

    I’ve been to Rome last October and it was an amazing city trip. The city is beautiful and so picturesque, I found myself taking pictures constantly. Rome itself is pretty big but luckily, all the sights are fairly close and there’s so much to see and to experience, something completely different to Paris. A general myth is (I’d say) that italy is a treasure trove for food. Often I found the food disappointing and overpriced in Italy and the actual expat Italians to be making better pizza and pasta in other countries rather than Italy.

    Caz | Style Lingua

  • Kel

    I’d love to go to Rome, and your post has assured me that it’d be worth going for the gelato alone – and since that would be my maid reason for going I’d be just fine!



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