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When was the last time you really laughed? I mean like one of those side splitting, belly laughs that you very nearly, almost pee yourself? When was the last time you did something probably quite absurd that would have your parents/grandparents recoiling in horror? When did you like do something on a whim without a care in the world? And, when was the last time you took a time out with adulting and took time to embrace your inner child?

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I think we live in a day and age where “millennials” are stuck in between two parallel expectations. We are portrayed as the youth that don’t want to grow up because we value brunch dates and avocado above buying homes and having kids at a young age, and yet we are a generation that is always trying to be taken seriously. So much so, I think we’ve all gotten a little bit full of ourselves.

Okay, maybe that’s a bold statement. What I maybe mean is having fun is a little bit beneath us if it doesn’t involve a flat white, perfectly poached eggs and chats about worldly news and harping on about how much we love Jeremy Corbyn. And yes, that is all fabulous that we feel so passionate about the above – we should be a switched on generation that is taking more and more in about the world and what’s going on in it, but is it all in an attempt to seem grown up, when we are all contstantly being second guessed by the baby boomers?

Really, I’m not quite so sure. Maybe we are, maybe we aren’t?

The other day I turned around and said to a work colleague, “wouldn’t it be nice to go back to when we were younger to appreciate the little things we enjoyed as children?” – funnily enough, we all nodded in agreement. That said a lot to me, and probably inspired this post.

If you cast your minds back to my opening paragraph, I asked “when was the last time you really belly laughed, hard?” That kind of uncontrollable laughter that if you don’t stop soon, you will genuinely pee your pants. And I’m talking about the really silly stuff. Something that is so unbelievably ridiculous but yet so funny to you and anyone in the vicinity? Don’t get me wrong, I laugh. A lot. But, I’m yet to find more than a handful of people who will do this with me. And, it’s kinda sad.

I’ve opened my eyes over the course of this year and decided to embrace those toe-curling snorts I let out when I find something hilarious, the moments where I get hiccups that continue to make me laugh even more and the times I actually forget what I was laughing at that I make myself get in to another fit of laughter.


Because, I want to.

(And, if you just sung that to the sound of Billie Piper’s infamous – “because we want to” you get 5 gold stars from me!)

I’ve got to a point in my life where I really don’t care what people think of me. It’s taken a few interesting conversations and hell of a lot of self acceptance to get to that point but I decided this year that no one could dull my sparkle, despite how hard they would try. I laugh at stupid things, maybe some would say it’s because I’m a little bit dim and stupid myself? But I say, it’s because I see the beauty in the simple things and also the hilarity of this so-called thing called life. I’m not afraid to laugh out loud and embrace moments that make me act like a little kid. After all, what is the point of taking ourselves so seriously? No-one wins an award for “being most grown-up” do they?

So, my task for you this week is to indulge in something you used to enjoy as a child, or next time you want to let out a big guffaw at something that’s made you chuckle, don’t be afraid. I wanna hear what you have done that made you embrace your inner child! You might be surprised with how much you enjoy it! Be sure to come back and let me know exactly what you did so I can enjoy it with you too.

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3 comments so far.
  • Beautiful post – and there’s so much to be said to relating to what you liked as a kid.
    I gave up the grad world of work and engineering job I had studied for 4 long years for, because, ultimately I always liked playing shop! That’s what I do on a permanent basis now and it definitely helps my happiness stay high!
    Holly xxx /// mrshollycrocker.com

  • Ah, yes, I do really miss the joys of being a child. Everything was rose-tinted, and we took joy in so many little things. Trying to play at being a real adult definitely feels like you have to let go of all that childhood joy, and be more serious and ‘in the moment.’ I’m not ashamed to laugh till I cry (or almost pee my pants) though, when something tickles me. And I love colouring in, which I still view as quite a childish activity even if it has gained increasing popularity with adults! x http://www.aimeeraindropwrites.co.uk x

  • Sammie

    So, so important. Ok I fess up to covertly photographing an older lady in a store a couple of months ago. Why? She had Unicorn hair. And you know what, she absolutely rocked it! My teenage children were horrified, that was part of the fun! Anyone who has white hair and dyes it Unicorn colours deserves to me photographed. I laughed so hard. Not a the lady, at my 14,16, and 18 year olds horror!



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