For most, a holiday abroad is the one time of the year that you look forward to the most. After spending every day “working for the man.” This is your down time to completely unwind and relax, forget about every day life and just go with the very slow flow. I thought it was a myth that you could ever have a bad time on holiday, that was until last year. I’d really been looking forward to a trip to the Dominican Republic but sadly, the hotel just did not live up to standard and I became very ill on our second full day. My worst nightmare had come true. How could this possibly be? To look to the positives the beach would be our saving grace (because I don’t want to sound too much of a Negative Nelly and it also proved pretty perfect for the ‘gram!) but that sadly, was it. So what happens when all you can think about is heading back home on your return flight? Here’s some handy hints and tips to help out should you ever find yourself in this predicament…

1. Speak to your Rep or Hotel Reception
If something isn’t great, make sure you speak with someone. Make it clear standards aren’t great and hopefully they will be rectified. Sadly, on some occasions it can fall on deaf ears but making them aware of it is the first step to gaining control over the situation. Don’t be rude, but be firm in making sure that they acknowledge your complaint or request.

2. Make a joke out of it
One year we took a trip to Corfu, to a 2* All Inclusive. The reviews were hideous, but, we laughed. We joked with other like minded travellers and just got on with it. Who can complain at paying £259 for a weeks worth of all inclusive and crying that the snack bar shut at 5pm and the restaurant opened an hour or so later. Roll with the punches (I so wish I could have done this with the Dominican but sadly the V&D got me hard – sorry for the overshare!)

3. Get photos
If laughing & joking about it will not make the situation better, then you really are on to a bad egg. Sorry to say. You need to get all the evidence you can to press forward with any serious complaints. I had to recently because our room was falling to bits & so was the furniture, there was mould, rust and a horrible foisty smell that sadly I could not capture on film but it took 2 spins in the wash to really get rid of the smell on our holiday clothes. If that doesn’t say anything, I don’t know what will? But seriously, photo evidence will back up any formal complaints you might need to take up with your tour operator or hotel on return.

4. Notify local authorities and the Police
This is for anyone who may have been mugged or found themselves in a very serious altercation whilst on holiday. Make sure you have records upon records of what happened. It is so important for your safety, insurance purposes and more.

5. If money allows, upgrade or head to another Hotel or Resort
This won’t be possible for everyone, but, if you are independently travelling and you are getting nowhere with your accommodation the only thing I can suggest is to look to move hotels or resorts. Or, if you are struggling with that, upgrade your room (if that is the main issue for you) as time may not always allow you to see out another hotel or area of the resort.

Finally, always remember that a holiday is special. Never feel put out if you feel that your holiday is not living up to expectations and whilst some things may be trivial (yes, I did used to work in Travel so know of the crazy complaints that can come through the doors) some things may not be. Remember, if it really is impacting your travels you need to nip it in the bud as quickly as you can so you can look back fondly on your memories rather than with dread.

Have you ever had a bad holiday or travel experience?

How did you go about trying to rectify it?

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  • Sorry to hear that your break away failed to live up to expectations! We had a terrible experience at a 5* country hotel in the UK last year – poor service and poor security that put a dampener on a very special weekend away. We let the first few things slide, but when it came to the lack of security we had to complain!

    Totally agree that it is best to raise the issues.

    Emma | HarmonyBlaze.co.uk

    • Oh no! That doesn’t sound too great – personal security is such a big thing. How did they deal with it?

      Bee xxx

      • Unfortunately the treated it the same as they would any other complaint and didn’t seem to take on board how bad it could have been – safe to say we will never stay there again and probably at non of their sister hotels either.



  • It must be terrible to have a really bad experience on holiday. We have stayed in some hotels that haven’t been the best and I’ve had to complain before when things haven’t gone to plan x


    • It’s such a shame, I think because I was ill it was all heightened. But the state of the room was really bad! Mould, rust, furniture falling apart, we had to wash our clothes twice before the damp smell came out of them. Eurgh I can smell it now as I type!

      Bee xxx

  • Oh I’m sorry to hear that Bee – not fun – especailly as we all work so hard to get the time off to go on holiday (let alone the spends!!!)

    Holly xxx >>> ME http://www.mrshollycrocker.com/

    • This is it – you do work hard, so it is a shame! You know, we had a lovely time on the beach and the weather was gorgeous but the hotel just failed on so many parts which is a shame.
      Bee xxx

  • Oh no 🙁 sorry to hear that. Dominican Republic sounds so amazing! I’m sorry it didn’t live up to expectations. xx

    Jessie | allthingsbeautiful-x

    • It is a beautiful place and the beaches, oh my goodness, the beaches are OUT OF THIS WORLD! But main thing is to book a 5* that might break the bank to get as close to guaranteeing a good standard.
      Bee xxx

  • Hayley Rubery

    Ah babes that’s so shit; sorry to hear you had a crap holiday! Touch wood I’ve never had a bad trip; but there have been times where the hotel has looked 20985876487354896 times better in the pictures than in real – you’re right it is so disappointing! Some great tips love!

    Hayley xo

    • I can actually smell the rooms when I think about it. Sadly, it just wasn’t great. It’s such a shame it didn’t live up to expectations but we live and learn and make sure next time we pick right! (I think it’s made me really picky now – hence why we are having trouble deciding on our 2017 plans!)
      Bee xxx

  • Fingers crossed I’ve never had a bad experience on holiday (having to touch wood now…) but I know I would be absolutely gutted. I suppose you’ve just got to realise that there’s more important things in life and move on!
    Francesca Andrews

    • I hadn’t until then, which is such a shame. But it was inevitable it was going to happen one day. Exactly, there are more important things. I think being ill heightened everything 🙁
      Bee xxx

  • Kel

    That must ahve been so disappointing when you went so far and to such an amazing sounding destination!

    Thankfully I’ve not had a really bad holiday experience so far… some very ‘budget’ accomodation and the odd mix up places but nothing that wasn’t conquerable my following your second point – fingers crossed that’s as bad as it gets! x

    • Dom Rep is so beautiful and the beaches are so dreamy, you couldn’t even imagine. But this hotel really needs some pointers!
      Bee xxx

  • Amy Eade

    Aw so sorry you didn’t have a good time, being ill on holiday really sucks! I do agree it’s good to make a joke out if though – years later disaster holidays stick in your mind and do make for a good party story!
    Amy xx

    • Yeah I think being ill really did heighten the experience and so many things became even more noticeable. Such a shame! Had I not been ill & been able to enjoy an alcoholic drink I think I may have just about been able to laugh about it or got out on tours and trips.
      Bee xxx

  • I’ve had a couple of bad holiday experiences, and it usually happens while I’m traveling solo. I got harassed by a couple of drunk guys at a beach that was nearly isolated, I got scammed by a taxi driver who wouldn’t let me out of his car.. the list goes on. I’m gonna be honest and say there were a couple of times I felt the need to cry about it, but once I get it all out, I just let it go. So far, I’ve been pretty lucky with accommodations 90% of the time.. once I stopped staying in super budget rooms, and started paying a little extra for comfort. I would be extremely upset if hotels disappoint me! I hope you have more fun travels in the future! <3

    Teesh || Adventures of Cupcake Girl

    • Oh wow, they sound like really scary situations, you are much braver than me! It’s great that it’s not put you off travelling though.
      Currently planning 2017 trips – do you have any suggestions?
      Bee xxx



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