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I am enough to feel like I belong.

I am enough to feel like I’m strong enough to conquer every single day put in front of me.

I am enough to feel a million dollars when I slip on that perfect dress.

I am enough to allow myself to eat and drink what I please without fear of putting on a few lbs.

I am enough even if I do put those extra lbs on.

I am enough regardless of what I look like.

I am enough even if I don’t dress like that girl on Instagram.

I am enough even if you don’t like me.

I am enough to make life decisions without fear of implication.

I am enough to speak with anyone who feels that I don’t deserve their time.

I am enough even if I don’t have as many followers as you.

I am enough even though I can only afford last season Mulberry and not this years.

I am enough. Full stop.

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I have the fear.

A fear of society.

We are constantly thriving for change in every aspects of our live. We are always looking for the next bigger and better thing to come our way, something that will make us look better or be deemed higher in notoriety.

There’s also a huge trend of people trying to achieve new heights each and every day to try “better themselves.” From how we look, to how we progress in the work place, the property ladder, the next new iPhone, the next new handbag. The list is endless.

I bet there is someone reading this (including me!) who has often stood talking to someone who you feel would rather be a million miles away talking to someone else and not you. You seek their approval because of it, why? When they couldn’t care less. Look them in the eye and speak with conviction. Don’t allow them to make you feel that way and give them a reason to give a fuck about what you’re saying. And, if they still don’t, remind yourself that it is their loss.

Sometimes I look in the mirror and think, “God, if only your nose wasn’t crooked, maybe there’s a pain-free way to sort that?” or “If only you had worked harder at the gym last night and not ate those ten packets of cheese & onion crisps, you’d look better.” or “If only I had that new insta-worthy top, people might like me more?”

It has to stop.Who are we pleasing? Ourselves. Or Society?

The feeling of being a fraud is so rife in the twenty-first century, that we cover it up by trying to be bigger and better. Aiming for impressionable new highs in our life so that we feel more accepted in life.

Sometimes we often feel a second-rate version of ourselves when we see other people doing fancy things, especially when we wish we could be doing whatever they are doing too. The aspirations are so high now, that if you aren’t buying the latest handbag or jetting off to far-flung destinations you feel like you are right at the bottom of the pile. And that totally, frigging sucks.

What is wrong with being enough already (without the new season, must-have handbag?)

I can see myself treading lightly in to sparkly realm of buying the latest handbag, wanting to keep dying my hair more and more blonde to feel better about myself, even buying the new iPhone 7plus because of its camera technology. I am so freaking guilty of it. Yes, it makes me happy to a certain extent but soon, I know I will want to be buying the next or latest version of something else.

What is it all for?

At the end of the day. Absolutely nothing. (bar a few moments of excitement)

I talk about self acceptance in this post and so many people agreed that the first step in life to being 99.9% happy with ourselves to accept ourselves for what we are. No flashy gimmicks. Just the real you.

The internet is a wonderful outlet for sharing shiny new things, our latest outfits and our most recent accomplishments. It’s a happy place for most, but please don’t compare your behind the scenes moments with someone elses glossier moments on social media. We all have good days, and we all have bad days.

Because, I am enough without the fancy items, I am still fabulous with my regular, high street wardrobe, I am enough even when my highlights grow out, I am enough regardless of what phone I have, I am enough when someone doesn’t like me, I am enough when I do decide to buy something for me and not for the rest of the world.

I am enough.

And, so are you.

So please, I beg you, make that your mantra today, this week, this month and this year. (Oh, and forever!)

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8 comments so far.
  • Yes Bee! What a fab post, absolutely love it. The best thing to read first thing in the morning. We are all enough and we damn well need to realise it x

    Jenny | LuxeStyle

  • You aren’t just enough – you’re more than enough! 🙂 What a wonderfully positive post! Alice xxx


  • Amy Eade

    Oh Bee yes so much yes! I’m forever feeling that the person talking to me would much rather be speaking to someone else – self doubt is a sucker isn’t it? You look amazing in these pictures (please teach me how you pose like such a babe) and such a well written post that’s made me feel a little bit more positive this evening!
    Amy xx

  • Amy

    I can totally relate to this! I was feeling rubbish about my weight today, but I have just read this and I now feel immensely positive about myself! Just what I needed! Thank you!!💋

  • This is such a great positive post – I need to tell these things to myself.


  • This is such a great and positive post, I really can relate to this post! xx

  • We are all enough, we are not defined by the material possessions that we do or don’t have, nor are we defined by our physical or mental states … what defines us is who we are, what we do and what we achieve in life and I believe that everyone achieves something everyday, even if it’s just getting out of bed!

    Emma | HarmonyBlaze.co.uk

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