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Let me get this straight, I don’t identify as plus size. I can walk in to a shop and find a “size 12.” Simple. Or so you would think. When a coat hanger proudly announces itself to holding a garment of clothing that is size 12, that is awesome, but what the clothes actually do when they drape someone like myselfs body is another issue all in itself. Let me break it down for my hunniez; this not a “woe is me” kinda post, it’s just about how I view myself in a modern, fashion world and I certainly do not fit within the remits of it’s typical sizing’s.  Making it pretty darned hard for someone like me to find the perfect fit.

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Lord knows I’m busty. Sitting with an ample 32FF rack (what a word?) and pretty shapely hips it could be classed as a desired frame of a figure. The “Hourglass” – oh it sounds so magical, so wonderful you say?

I have mothering hips that look like you could mount me like a horse and win the Grand National (albeit, I’d be very out of breath and I’d be one of those horses that falls over the hurdles but I digress.) and boobs that cannot and will not be contained by a crisp white shirt unless I buy one or two sizes up and end up with Larry Long Arms as well.

Perfect I hear you say? No? I hope I’ve dispelled the myth.

That’s not to say I’m not proud of what my mama gave me. I will embrace my curves to the end of time, I even wrote about having curve confidence here, but jeez high street guys, please can ya just help a sister out?

I guess that’s why I’ve been leaning to some plus size suppliers like Celuu (who caters for size’s 12 – 24 and a particular piece even managed to make me look slimmer? How in the heck?) But I’d love it, if more “curve” ranges could also cater for the lower end of the scale because let’s face it, this bod is all about dem curves galdem. I need a size 12 that will hug my body in a way that doesn’t pronounce that extra Dunlop tyre I acquired because of the age old excuse, “Well, It’s Christmas” and I also love to wear a top where I don’t pop someone’s eye out either.

We can walk in to Topshop and Primark, and a size 12 have two completely different connotations of what a size 12 should be. Heck, on another spectrum I had to buy an extra small t-shirt (ya must be kidding me pal?) from the latter because the sizing’s were just that off.

I wanna pick up a piece of clothing or order online knowing that a size 12 is gonna fit my size 12. I’ll buy a large to make way for my bosoms, only for the top to be able to sing a rendition of “Do your boobs hang low?” So instead I’ll buy a medium pair of jeans, but then my jubbly bits can’t even be zipped in, not for love or money. I wanna feel good in my clothes, not feel like the second I walk out of the shop I need to go on a juicing diet.

Why can’t the High Street just at least try and get it right for all body shapes? We have tall and we have petite. Can we not have a “I carry junk in my trunk” size too?

Luckily, after I finally succumbed and looked at the sale ranges, it seemed that H&M would be the to answer my prayers. Everything I’ve bought and tried on so far have fit like a glove. Having researched the styles I want to incorporate in to my wardrobe this year has clearly paid dividends. It just goes to show that spending a little bit of time thinking about what I want, rather than adding every single item to my basket, is what I need to do in future to avoid being thoroughly dissapointed. I mean look how amazing my Chloe dupe handbag is?

Every cloud has a silver lining because the one thing on the high street that certainly doesn’t let me down are shoes. Heels, boots, trainers, pumps, flats. A size 5 generally tends to be a size 5 (unless you’ve read my #AmIAdulting post a few weeks ago, but we will count that as a one-off) and these stunning 4th & the Reckless boots are total bad-ass shoes. They appear to be your standard boot, but, look closely and the heel is a thing of art. With a smoke like feature to them, they really do stand out.

Do you find it hard to shop if you’re a size 12/14? Or, if not please share with me your fave shops that do cater for us curvier gals!

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  • Love the jeans and you look fabulous girl! Have an amazing start into the new week!
    xx finja | http://www.effcaa.com

    • Thank you, they are quite a good sale purchase! Hope you have a good one too.
      Bee xxx

  • What She Did

    Whenever I’m having a bad shopping trip I always buy shoes.
    Shoes always make me feel better. We’re bust buddies so feel you on the 32FF god forbid you ever want to find a dress that fits in all the right places and anything high neck gives you tube boob and anything V neck recently is V’d down to your belly button with your boobs hanging out for the world to see.

    Lovely photos, you look fab. Xxx

    • Same here! Shoes are always a girls best friend.

      Bosom buddies fo’ lyf! Its frustrating isn’t it? I and if I do buy in my size my boobs make it rise making a dress far too mall but then if I buy up, it’s baggy. What is going onnnnnn?!

      Oh my gosh, I always wear high necks, do I get boob tube? Haha!

      Bee xxx

  • Amy Eade

    So so so much yes to this! I’ve not even got massive boobs really (I’m a 34C/D) but so often there’ll be a shirt that fits but I get gapeage! Maybe sizes should be more broken down than just ‘size 12’ to suit different body types because I’m sure some size 12s that don’t fit me would look great on someone else who’s also a size 12. I also find with jeans for them to fit around my hips they’re then way too bad around my waist! Good to know the H&M tip though!
    Amy xx

    • I GET YOU! Like 12s 12r and 12c (small, regular and curve) – wouldn’t that be amazing? Whether that would be feasible in the fashion industry, I don’t know but it would be super to see this happen.

      Bee xxx

  • I’m definitely an hourglass. I have 34ff boobs and a smallish waist, compared to my boobs and thighs anyway. I find it so hard to buy clothes nowadays that I rarely bother. I once placed a massive ASOS order because I had to buy varying sizes. And still nothing fitted particularly well. Gah. X
    Holly ∣ Closingwinter

    • We must have the same figure. That’s what I always feel like I have to do with ASOS, but then I daren’t click buy cos of the ££££’s lol! Hope you did find something in the sale though?
      Bee xxx

  • Yes, I totally feel your pain!!!! Its my hips that are the biggest issue – jeans never fit over them! x
    Sophie Cliff

    • What a nightmare it is for us curve-a-licious gals!
      Bee xxx

  • go girl.. i love this post… Well understood
    Thank you for sharing
    New post

    • So glad you enjoyed it Melody!
      Bee xxx

  • Amen to this! I’m a size 14 and a 34G and I feel like the majority of high street stores cater for slimmer sizes a lot more. Every time I go into Topshop I barely see any sizes above a 12 these days.

    Catherine | Hey, Mama

    • I think that is the case. They do cater for an up and down figure, which is fine, but for those who exceed that it’s such a pain!
      Bee xxx

  • PREACH! When will the day come when queuing for yonks to try on a garment isn’t needed. It’s just never consistent. In other news, THOSE BOOTS THOUGH…! Love!



    • I know, I get so hot & sweaty when I’m trying on clothes, ha! I hate it.
      Bee xxx

  • YESS GIRL! This post really hits the nail on the head!!

    Parie x
    Class and Glitter

    • My pleasure Parie! I’m glad you enjoyed it.
      Bee xxx

  • Chloe Thomas

    I love this post and I can relate to the hourglass struggle! I’m normally a size 14 but one time I had to buy size 18/20s from

    – Chloe

    • It’s crazy isn’t it? How can they get it so so so wrong?
      Bee xxx

  • Zoe Everett

    I literally agree with everything in this post! Sometimes I have to get a size 18 (I’m a 12) just to get over my boobs or bum, and then it’s huge everywhere else! The highstreet definitely needs to start catering to every body shape and not just the extremes.

    Zoe x


    • Isn’t that just bizarre?! It’s so right, we have to size up to cover certain “larger” areas and then forsake us actually wanting to show off our waists or hips or whatever we have that is size 12?
      Bee xxx

  • Totally with you on this! I’m theoretically a 10ish but I have to buy at least a 12 and sometimes a 14 to get my backside into jeans and trousers… but then they flap around my waist on a delightfully unflattering manner. My boobs aren’t huge but I have quite broad shoulders so again, I’m usually a 12 and sometimes a 14 which, again, is huge on my waist… if we’re all about dat ass, how about making jeans that have room for it?! 🙄

    • I mean it is just SO crazy? HAHAHA, that is so true, make way for my ass please? I mean, surely it can’t be that hard to do?
      Bee xxx

  • Oh yes I feel you!!
    I’m a no bum/hips but big boob kinda plus size meaning I get random bits of material around my hips and bum, waists that are far too tight as I don’t have a waist, but a strain at the bust. Oh and everything is designed to go over the belly. I hate that.
    And my biggest gripe is that I can’t try the darn things on in most places (RI plus in minimal shops/H&M not stocking 18/20 in core range instore and so on) so I risk the gauntlet (and my credit card balance getting out of control whilst waiting for returns to process!) every time.
    Sort it out high street! X

    • That’s what I get!!! It’s so frustrating! Aint nobody wanna see my belly! How incredibly tiring it must be for you to try and get stuff. We are in this together cos I feel yo’ pain!
      Bee xxx

  • I agree with you so much on this one! It’s so hard to find tops that flatter you because you have boobs, but at the same time pulls in at the waist to give you some sort of shape. And trousers – ugh! Probably one of the areas I struggle with the most!

    Shops should not only have sizes 6,8,10 etc, but should also make clothing that caters to hourglass, pear shape, athletic body types etc so all body types are covered, no matter what size you are!

    • YES YES YES YES! This is what I would love to happen. We have tall, we have petite but there ARE other shapes other than that, am I right?
      Bee xxx

  • Sizes mean nothing I’ve come to realise – and I would defo not think one size means another will fit (even from the same shop!) I think also it’s about what items fit what… I am not a jeans fan purchaser – however M&S and New Look jeans DO fit (thank the lord!) THe new look ones are super skinny, and i can squeeze in, and once in, I like them!
    As for boobs – I think if we’ve got more boob we sometimes just have to realise certain items won’t cut it – shirts are a bit of a shit aren’t they for gappage!

    • Yep, I hear ya sister. It’s just so annoying having to try 3/4 variations of clothing to see if they fit. It’s crazy how much it can differ from store to store. Surely there should be some regulations around that?
      Bee xxx

  • RosieBaillie

    I’ve been trying to find a pair of jeans recently and a size 10 is completely different things in different shops. The thing that bugs me most about trying to buy jeans is that some retailers assume you have no ass, so as soon as you even think about sitting down, you look like you belong on a building site and you’re asking yourself if you really need to sit down through this 3 hour lecture. You should see me trying jeans on…you can bet I’ma be doing all kinds of weird squats to make sure my jeans are not coming down. High waisted jeans have become my best buds over the past couple of years.

    • Oh Rosie, haha! This made me chuckle SO MUCH! I can just imagine you flinging your legs round, squatting etc to make sure they are comfy. I would LOVE high waist jeans, however, I have no top half so I end up looking like my jeans are up to my neck.
      Bee xxx

  • I completely agree with you here, the sizing in many shops is completely out. I think I have four different sizes hanging in my wardrobe right now which is utterly ridiculous! It’s safe to say jeans are the biggest problem – I think that shops assume that every woman (no matter her size) is straight up and down! I refuse to even try on non-stretchy jeans anymore because I know for a fact I will need at least two sizes in one pair! Stretch denim has become my best friend. Fingers crossed shops start listening and catering for all SHAPES and not just sizes!

    Suitcase and Sandals Blog XX

    • Yep, it appear jeans are one of the biggest issues here. I’m not too bad, because a belt can help that side out but you are right, I vary so much. It’s tops that drive me mental. They cling to my boobs but are so gapey around my waist. I could not agree more with your last sentence!
      Bee xxx

  • Bunmi Afuye

    Petite girls face exactly the same problems. I’m a 4,6 and sometimes a 8 in certain stores. I guess it’s all about the fitting. Brands can’t get it right all the brands and it’s a shame. My biggest problem are jeans and trousers, I have to alternate them at the hips because they are just so damn small.


    • It must be hard to get it right, but, I think they need to be more consistent with their sizings too.
      Bee xxx

  • Kate

    Fantastic post and I totally agree with you! I find it so hard to find clothes that actually fit properly and flatter my curvy shape. I have huge hips and a big bum so jeans are a total nightmare. I too find that every shop has a different variation of the same size.
    You look great in your pics by the way
    Kate x

    • Jeans seem to be a lot of people’s “pains in the arse” (like what I did there?) Thank you so much!
      Bee xxx

  • Ah I couldn’t agree more! When skater dresses/skirts were in fashion I could easily find something to flatter my shape but now I don’t stand a chance with all the shift dresses and a-line skirts that seem to stick in the wrong places! I find myself spending the majority of my time in jeans and a jumper/t-shirt and it’s so uninspiring!


    • This!! Sadly, skater dresses aren’t in style (and I’ve gone off them a little bit) but like you say – they really do flatter our shape but they aren’t really around anymore as they’ve gone out of fashion. Same here!
      Bee xxx

  • Mary

    Erm I’m a 12 but carry it on my middle with a flat bum and scrawny legs so I struggle the other way. If it fits my waist it’s usually awks in the crotch or baggy on the legs… I’ve just about found the shops with no fail Jean sizing that I can rely on x

    • Ooh which stores are those, it appears everyone seems to be one area that people struggle with it.
      Bee xxx

  • I’m a 16 and pretty well proportioned, even with a bit of chub but I totally agree! Some places a 16 is huge, whereas others (I’m looking at you specifically H&M) I literally can’t even get them over my thighs! It’s frustrating as hell! Alice xxx


    • It’s crazy isn’t it. Tops I can get from H&M but jeans, nah-ah. It aint happening. I totally agree, it’s hair-pulling situ.
      Bee xxx

  • Hayley Rubery

    Oh girl I’m TOTALLY with you on this! I’ve pretty much been a size 12 my whole life BUT with massive boobs I can’t ever find a shirt that fits me, I have to go up a size or two but then it’s too big on my body and just looks silly! I feel your pain girl! P.s you look SO fab!

    Hayley xo

  • Hazel Jane

    I’m a size 12 too and have these problems as well! I love shirts but hardly ever find any that fit my boobs but don’t look really baggy elsewhere, and I’m still yet to find a pair of dungarees that flatter my shape, sigh. I think as you said though, knowing what you want and what suits you makes the process a bit easier! I think the high street could be a lot better with their sizing – and it would be so much easier to shop if Topshop didn’t have a smaller size 12 than New Look etc!

    Awesome post lovely, really resonated with me xx

    • THIS IS EXACTLY IT! It drives me insane. Like REALLY insane. Shirts are not the one 🙁

      It would be AMAZING if all shops had the same measurements for sizes! It would make so many people’s lives easier!

      Bee xxx

  • I too am a size 12 from the waist down yet I can’t even get a size 16 pair of H&M jeans past my calves! I stopped trying on their trousers years ago – it was too depressing. I’ve found that for trousers or jeans, Gap and Next are my go-to shops.

  • Girl I have been missing reading your writing so much, so glad I came back and saw this post. I completely resonate with it so much, and btw you look fab. xxx

  • Laura W

    This post speaks to me so much, I feel your pain! I bought a dress a few months ago from Oasis and had to buy a 16 – a 14 was too tight to sit down in and I couldn’t get the 12 over my bum! Oasis tops fit fine but they seem to think no-one has hips/a bum. In other places I’m consistently a 12 (ASOS, Topshop) or 12 on top and a 14 on bottom (New Look and M&S).
    It’s so hard to find shirts when you have big boobs and so hard to find trousers/jeans if you have thicker legs (or the extra dunlop that I too am guilty of)!

    Laura Wardrobe



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