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I have been dark haired ever since the day I was born. I came out with jet black hair and a heck of a lot of it. Everyone laughed and joked that I looked like a little monkey. For our Wedding, my hair grew and grew once more and my locks were a deep auburn/brown still. As soon as our Wedding day was over and done with I decided that it was now or never to make a drastic change to my look. So with that, my luscious, long locks were cut off to a bob and so the task of getting my hair lighter began.

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It has taken a lengthy three years to get to a point where I am 100% happy with my hair. And, in these photos you’ll see that my hair is probably looking it’s best that it has since I made the effort to go from brunette to blonde. It’s been hard to maintain too, but now I’ve found a routine that well and truly keeps my ‘do looking fresh!  Finally.

If you are thinking about going lighter, make sure you do use a reputable hairdressers – check out their previous work if they have a Facebook page, speak to people who use them. Research is key.

When you finally have your consultation, make sure you are clear with what you want (take photos to give them an idea – Pinterest is great for this) and if you don’t understand something, please for goodness sake, ask. I once made a rookie error by agreeing to some low-lights after explaining I wanted to go more “ashy” and because I didn’t realise what the lingo was and thought my requests had been understood by my hairdresser, I ended up with dark streaks in my hair. You can imagine the horror on my face when the foils were taken out and my hair was blow-dried. So of course, silly little mistakes like that can set you back a couple of sessions at the hairdressers.

Moral of the story = check once, check twice and triple check what your hairdresser means and understands from your brief.

With my latest visit to the salon, a toner was put on my hair and I can’t tell you how amazing it felt! It also left my hair looking much shinier and not as dull. It evened out the bright yellow bits that had appeared in my hair and stopped my hair looking so white in some places. So if you can add a toner to your colour, I’d strongly suggest this. Especially if it’s only about £5!

In the summer you really need to look to after your hair and if you can’t fit in a weekly blow dry, you most definitely need to have a routine at home that is manageable. I’ve been using John Frieda’s Sheer Blonde Shampoo and Conditioner after I was kindly sent it to test out. And, now after using it for the last month in the heat we have been having here in the UK, the condition has definitely got a lot better. It’s not as dry and is much easier to style.

I try and deep cleanse, by washing my hair in shampoo twice. Once to get the rubbish and dirt out and a second time to really moisturise and nourish it. Finally I’ll leave my conditioner in for a few minutes for it to really soak in. I try not to blow dry every time I was my hair, but it’s certainly worth investing in a decent hairdryer. I use a Babyliss Diamond Hairdryer and it works wonders. A round brush is always handy to create that big and bouncy look we all aspire to and if you tilt your head forward not only does it not hurt your arms as much, it gives your hair that incredible volume! And finally some blow dry spray or serum will make your hair feeling silky smooth when you’ve finished.

I love being blonde & I love being brunette – I’m not sure if I’ll start going back to brunette just yet, but for the meantime I’m going to keep having fun as a blonde and making sure I look after my hair in the best possible way!

How do you look after your hair? Have you tried the John Frieda range?

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4 comments so far.
  • Claire Cavanagh

    You suit being a blonde so much, I would never have thought you were dark naturally 🙂 Some great tips in here!

    Claire | Vanity Claire xx

    • Thanks so much Claire, I do prefer it just that little bit more! I have to say. Thanks ever so much.

      Bee xxx

  • Lauren Wilkinson

    I love your hair bright blonde Bee 🙂 I’ve been using Nioxin which has massively helped improve the condition and I’d go as far as to say help to grow my hair. I was finding that my blonde wasn’t lasting – I have tint highlights rather than bleach – so have just started using the Lee Stafford blonde range. I can’t use the John Frieda all the time as it’s too drying on my hair!

    Lauren x| bylaurenjane

    • Thanks lovey, I have to admit I do like it this colour. Oooh I’ll be sure to look at that – your hair always looks amazing.

      My hair is fine, that sometimes it needs to be a little bit “dryer” to control it a little better 🙂

      Bee xxx



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