Back in July we made a little trip to Nice, a weekend of pure bliss (I so wish we could have spent longer there!) I’d been kindly invited by University Rooms to stay in one of their many university accommodations. After finding some cheap flights from Leeds Bradford on the 8th July we flew across to the French Riviera and boy, did we fall in love? After a very short journey on the bus and a very long walk because we go off at the wrong stop we eventually ended up at our accommodation, Résidence France Riviera. It was a little unassuming, set on the road that is set back just behind the promenade. With pretty wooden shutters and Juliette balconies it was the perfect start to our French adventure.


We were pre-warned before we arrived that the receptionists spoke little English so we were prepared and armed with Google translate just in case. If you haven’t heard of University Rooms (excuse me, why not?) they have student accommodations in over 400 university colleges and student residences in 75 cities around the world. They let out rooms during the academic year and in the summer vacation that would otherwise be empty. It’s a great way for travellers and presents an affordable and convenient accommodation option, an opportunity to experience life within a university and benefit from use of the facilities, such as studios with kitchenettes, just like our little mini-flat.

Presented with our keys we headed up to our room, of course, it isn’t a hotel so don’t expect mod-cons and fancy décor. The studio was of a really good size, it had a pull out sofa bed, TV area, dining table & chairs and also a very clean kitchenette (we didn’t use it, but it had a hob and microwave if we were on a tight budget) it had everything we could possibly want from a room.



kitchenette universityrooms

I was worried that with it being student accommodation it would be unclean and grotty, however, it was quite the opposite. We found everything to be very tidy, clean and minimalistic which is very appealing to me when choosing somewhere to stay on my holidays. The crowing glory had to be our gorgeous Juliette balcony & window. Despite not having a view as such (does watching a lady wash up her pots in the flat across the road count?) it was such a lovely touch that we could open it up to cool down. Which brings me on to my next point, air con. The room had air con which was a god send in the hot, summer heat. All my ideas of student digs have been well & truly been quashed.



I have to say the location of the apartments are perfect. within a two minute walk you are on the beach / promenade and can be catching some rays and in around 5 – 10 minutes you can be enjoying a cocktail at the famous Negresco Hotel (spoiler alert: to die for!) In a fifteen minute walk you can be at the Old Town taking in all the sights, sounds and smells. We could not have stayed in a more central spot. Sadly, we did go down one morning in to the reception (when it wasn’t manned) to find a man that had strolled in, laid on the floor, drunk. Whilst, he wasn’t a nuisance to us I can imagine if you were on your own it could have been a little bit intimidating. I have passed on those comments to the team and they were very apologetic and said they woud look in to it, which is all you can ask, really!

queenbeady universityrooms

I know this post is around 2 months after we travelled to Nice, however, after the horrific attacks I didn’t feel it was the right thing to do to share my experience so soon. I feel now that it’s the right time to share our beautiful experience in the magnificent town that is Nice. We will be back, I just know it!

We had the most amazing stay & I can’t wait to share a photo diary with you with what we got up to during our 3 nights and 4 days in the beautiful town of Nice. A massive thank you to University Rooms for the incredible opportunity too! If you are looking to travel in our out of the UK I would definitely advise you to consider this option! It’s got me more thirsty for adventure!
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*Our 2 night stay was provided to us free of charge in exchange for an honest review.

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