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This is not clickbait. I repeat this is NOT clickbait. My big toenail really did fall off in the middle of the night and it proves that I teetered underneath the “adulting” spectrum once again. I’m pretty okay with blood, heck sick doesn’t even bother me. I even have to pick up dog poo everyday of my life because I own a dog but nothing could prepare me for the immense wave of nausea that would overcome me when my toe nail decided to half hang on for dear life in the early hours on Monday morning.

The tale starts back on the 19th November, my best friends wedding. To cut a long story short the shoes gave me two very enlarged, blood blister covered big toes that you will have ever seen in your whole entire like. I even thought I had frost bite it was that bad. They were worn between the hours of 2pm – 9pm (so not even the equivalent of a days work.) These said shoes were advertising themselves as part of the “comfort range.” (trust me, they wouldn’t know comfort if I slapped them round the face with it.) The pain finally subsided after about two weeks, but I still kept checking on them every day to make sure all was okay. I’ve been walking around for nearly 2 months with them so very carefully, until Sunday, the day I decided to stub my left big toe on my very hard bed frame.

“You do realise that that toe nail will fall off now.” – said Mr C.

I ignored him because, surely, if it was going to fall off it would have done so already. What a fool I was.

At approximately 3.18am of Monday morning I moved my legs in my sleep which in turn bent my left, big toe nail back. Holy fricking smokes. I shot up like I don’t know what. Scrambled to turn on the lights to inspect, little did I know as soon as I saw it I’d be scrambling for the toilet bowl.

That night Bee very much learnt that she didn’t like seeing toe nails hanging off her body.

With a good 15 minutes throwing up bile (I have a habit of making these #AmIAdulting posts pretty disgusting, don’t I?) feeling very for myself I had to lay on my back, which was covered in sweat, with my legs hanging over the bath to start some blood going back to my head to stop the dizziness.

Who knew I was so squeamish? And who knew I’d be this bad at adulting?

Eventually after feeling at least 50% better I had to peel it off. It didn’t hurt one iota but it was enough to send my head back down the toilet. Eventually once I cooled down I made my way back in to bed, mourning the loss of my big toe nail.

The first thing I had to do was text my mum at 8am to tell her the tale. Now, I have texts coming in left, right and centre with advice for my non-existent toe nail. I won’t be able to wear my beloved barely there heels as my toe would be on show, I can’t wear pointed shoes, I have to wear flat shoes so there’s no pressure on my big toe. The list is endless.

So, to drown my sorrows I made myself a home made brunch of pancakes and bacon once I woke up. See, there is relevance to the photo in this story. Bacon is about the only thing that can get me through such a crisis. Gently weeping over my brekkie I realised just how much my shoe-wearing life was going to change over the next six months (that’s half the year peeps, half the freaking year.)

It’s really is true, you don’t miss something until it’s gone. RIP toe nail.

Happy 2017.

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  • Siobhan Emma

    Ohhh I feel your pain on this one. I’ve lost my big toe nail on my right foot twice in the past 4 years. I don’t know why or how because I have no memory of stubbing or hurting my toe in any way! I’m not quite as squeamish as you are about them coming off, but I have missed it when it’s not there. It just looks gross without one. It’s only just grown back from the second time it happened! xx

    • Oh lordy, I feel your pain. How strange that yours just decides to fall off though? Yes, I didn’t think I was that squeamish (except for needles) I surprised myself.
      How long did it take to grow back the first time?
      Bee xxx

      • Siobhan Emma

        To fully grow back it took around 6 months like you said in your post. The second time wasn’t so bad. It didn’t fall off all the way to the base so it’s only taken about 3 months x

        • Thought as much, that’s what my Dad said. Cripes!
          Bee xxx

  • Rachel Bee

    Oh no!! I remember you tweeting this on Monday!! Gutted on the shoes front! I’d probably react the same in the nail situation though! Something about it being your own makes it 1million times worse!

    • Oh Rachel. I swear, it was so bloody weird. The shoe situ is so annoying because they were from Next, so you kinda expect the quality to be okay don’t you? Ah well. Rest in peace, ya little buggar!
      Bee xxx

  • Ellie

    Oh Bee, that sounds so traumatic!! I hope you feel better now xxxx


    • It WAS traumatic 🙁 still reeling for the loss of my toe nail though. Haha!
      Bee xxx

  • Bee I am traumatised just reading this you poor thing! x
    Sophie Cliff

    • Soph, I am totally traumatised by it. I thought I was quite hardened to things, clearly not!
      Bee xxx

  • Yasmin Rebecca

    I love this adulting series, it always makes me laugh! I am so sorry about your toe saga, it sounds horrible. When I was younger I was running with bare feet and caught my toe nail on the corner of a stone border around a flower bed and ripped it right clean out. It hurt like hell and I had to clean it with stuff that stung so bad so it wouldn’t get infected. Toenail injuries really do suck. XX

    Y x | The Sweet Seven Five

    • Oh I am so so so glad, it was just an idea that I thought may or may not take off. I guess it’s a way of sharing the silly/not so silly anecdotes we have in life and it seemed the perfect way to do it. START A BLOG SERIES!
      OH MY DAYSSSS! That must have KILLED! I am wincing in pain even thinking about it, you poor little soul! Who knew toe nails could mean so much to us?
      Bee xxx

  • Bleurgh. I’ve had this happen to me before. I was hiking and not really wearing appropriate footwear and a rock fell on my foot. There was so much blood that I couldn’t even tell if I still had toes (apparently I kept yelling “Do i still have toes? Did anyone pick them up?) Luckily they were all intact just quite broken. And my big toenail fell off the next day. Still thinking about that nail hanging off makes me feel queasy. It took bloody ages to grow back, and in the end I just started painting the toe where the nail should be with varnish so that I could still wear sandals etc. x

    • YIIIIKES. That does not sound good. I have to admit, the first wave of pain when I wore the shoes, I was convinced my toes were going to drop off, ha! I’m just waiting for the other one to come off now as that’s also got a massive blood blister underneath the nail.
      Haha, can you do that?
      Bee xxx

      • I’m not sure if it’s healthy or you’re supposed to (the skin was completely healed no open wounds) but I did anyway 😉 x

        • Haha! Who knows, as long as your foot isn’t dropping off – I’m sure it’s fine!
          Bee xxx

  • Oh my god. Sorry, but this post made me almost throw up! Haha. Thanks for sharing ALL the gory details, Bee 😉 This happened to me, though, about 5 years ago. I dropped a radiator (wall radiator – bloody heavy thing) on my toe and the nail went black and, apparently, died effectively. It eventually fell off and slowly regrew. Unfortunately, something went wrong and it then FELL OFF AGAIN!!! So for a year and a half – two years I had either a black nail or no nail. It was a nightmare. But I’m happy to report that the third time, the nail grew back just fine and I’ve had no problems with it since! Hopefully you won’t have the same issue, and yours will grow back a-okay the first time! Wishing you a speedy recovery. Make sure you take good of the nail bed as without a nail over it they’re prone to infection! Germolene’s your friend. x http://www.aimeeraindropwrites.co.uk x

    • HAHA! I’m so sorry, I did say I was getting totally disgusting/ brutal in this series each week didn’t I? I had to share my pain with the world, LOLOLOL! I hope you aren’t feeling TOO queasy from it though.
      Sounds like your toe has been through the mill and back! Glad it’s all okay now though! 🙂
      Bee xxx

  • Toenail stuff gives me the proper creeps! Bacon is indeed the cure for all crises. Hope your toe’s feeling alright now!

    • HAHA! It does me too, as I soon found out the other night! Bacon really does help EVERYTHING! My toe doesn’t hurt but I’m very conscious of it getting knocked and hurting it again.
      Bee xxx

  • I shouldn’t laugh at this but you tell the tale beautifully! 6 months to grow out a toenail, yikes! One of my firends lost hers but just stuck a fake nail on top of the nail bed whenever she wanted to wear shoes with visible toes! Alice xxx


    • HAHA! I tried – I had to share my disappointment with it all via my blog and hope that people would feel sorry for me! Ha! Ouch, might have to look in to that!
      Bee xxx

  • Kaye Ford

    OMG I am sorry but this is one part hilarious and one part GRIM AS FUCK! OUCH! I wish your toe a speedy recovery x

    • I KNOW, I KNOW! Thank you so much, I need all the luck I can get as I’m waiting for my right one to do the same now.
      Bee xxx

  • HAHAHAH I am absolutely creased!! I went to Magaluf on a girl’s holiday when I was 18 and some huge guy stood on my toe and caused my poor nail to fall off. I feel your pain!! xx

    Jessie | allthingsbeautiful-x

    • YIKESSSS! Ouch, that does not sound good at all. It just shows how delicate our toes are, ha!
      Bee xxx

  • Mate I can’t even. My toenail fell off after doing the London Marathon and it was honestly the worst thing I have ever seen. I have shivers just thinking about your ordeal! xx

    Sam | http://asthesparrowflies.com/

    • TELL ME ABOUT IT (INSERT STRAINED EMOJI FACE!) Oh my lord, that must have been just awful. It is the most UNNATURAL feeling ever!
      Bee xxx

      • I haven’t run since. Like I need another excuse not to run…! xx

        • DEVASTATED. I’ve put off going to the gym as well (LOL) What are we liiiiike?
          Bee xxx

  • Kel

    I’m pretty ok with blood and stuff generally speaking, but anything to do with nails (or teeth) I don’t handle well.
    I feel all funny now…

    • Haha, I am so so so so sorry! It’s pretty grim isn’t it?
      Bee xxx

  • meg

    Oh god, that sounds SO painful, and definitely something that would make me feel nauseous too! OUCH.

    Meg | Elmpetra

    • It wasn’t painful as such, just made me squirm! Haha, in fact I’m feeling queasy just reliving it again!
      Bee xxx

  • Oh my godness, i woould have freaked.:D
    xx finja | http://www.effcaa.com

    • I did! I swear, I have never been so ill, lol!
      Bee xxx



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