I don’t know why I’ve not done this before. Instagram is such a huge part of my life & blog that it strikes me as odd that I’ve never done any travel posts like this. Instagram is such a great tool for sharing snippets out of your day, be it fashion outfits, travel experiences or even a banging avo on toast post (I’m a poet, don’t I know it) and recently when I headed to Rome I could not stop myself from snapping away all the amazing sights that the beautiful, historic city has to offer.


Excuse the chipped nail polish here (sob!) but I couldn’t go to Rome and not experience a Gelato every single day now, could I? This one was extra special as it was right in front of my fave landmark of the city, the Trevi Fountain. This one was Nutella and Chocolate, and other concoctions included Bounty flavours too. Can I just head back to Rome for the ice-cream please?

Much to Mr C’s displeasure, I would stop every five seconds to get a shot of something that wasn’t even remotely a landmark. I guess that’s the photography enthusiast in me, I can’t miss a good street scene shot. We stumbled upon this little place just after we had the bad news that we couldn’t stay at the hotel we had booked (complete with perfect Italian balcony for coffee’s) because of a leak from the apartments upstairs. A few hundred yards up the road was where we stayed. Sadly we didn’t even have a window (albeit it was a very nice room with very friendly staff) but that meant we explored much more during our trip. It’s funny how things work out, right?

On the Friday we made sure we got out for the full day, it was due to hit 18 degree’s with wall to wall sunshine (which sadly wasn’t promised for the Saturday or Sunday.) We headed to the rather imposing, if not imaginatively beautiful Coliseum. The queue wasn’t horrific, much to our delight, especially as we had been warned to spend ages waiting in line to get in. It was packed, but we did manage to get some great shots around the arena. To me, the outside is more impressive than in, but for only 12 euros per person, it’s worth heading inside to see it all in it’s glory.

You know me, not only do I love travelling, I also love Fashion as well. Packing a 10kg rucksack for a 3 night / 4 day trip can be hard but I managed to do this in the limited time I had. I wanted to give my brand new Levis t-shirt a run around town and boy was it perfect for the weather. Paired with my cropped jeans and my fave purchase of 2017 so far, my beloved Vans, it kept me cool and looking pretty retro at the same time. Sadly, the next few days I had to layer up, goodbye bare ankles!

These colourful buildings were on the same square as the Pantheon Building. And whilst the Pantheon is a place that I wanted to see, it is pretty impressive, these pastel coloured townhouses caught my eye way more. I always remember to “look up” wherever I am, because there’s so much beauty to see off the ground as well as down on it.


The artwork over at Vatican City was just out of this world and so ornate. I don’t reckon to be an art buff, but it’s hard not to be blown away by the intricate ceilings and paintings that line the Museum and also the Sistine Chapel (which sadly you can’t photograph when inside – another large sob!) Again, another great example of looking up to find beauty too.

Thank the lord for Katiewho gave me a full play by play on this scultpure. The Vatican Museum was so busy, we were packed in like sardines making it quite hard to focus on what the tour guide was saying. So here is exactly what it is, thanks Katie:

It’s depicting a scene from the Aeneid by Virgil about the fall of Troy! It’s about a guy trying to warn the Trojans not to take in the horse but the gods send snakes across the sea to kill him and his kids and the trojans take THAT as an omen to take the horse in, bringing about the fall of the city. The guy was called Laocoon I believe 🙂 (good old roman literature degree 😂)


The Trevi Fountain hit me hard guys. Like, it is one of the most beautiful things I’ve seen. Especially at night. I wanted to make sure we visited it in the dark before we left (we did it before hitting the red wine – thank god!) I could have stayed all night and I made my wish.

Our last morning meant we needed to wander round Rome with our backpacks (le sigh!) and in true Clayton fashion (like we do) we decided it would be a good idea to climb up the Monument Vittorio Emmanuelle. One of Rome’s gems, but yet isn’t spoken enough about. Head up in the lift to the top of the monument for far reaching views of Roma. A wonderful way to end our holiday!

I really hope you enjoyed my Insta snaps. I had so much fun sharing them with you. Do you like this style of post? Which was your favourite photo from my Trip to Rome?

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  • Ahhhhh so lovely! I visited Rome years and years ago as part of a 2 month road trip, and really took to some other italian cities more… however I’ve heard so much good stuff I’d love to re return for a city break there! Looks fab and love your photos!

    • Oh man, that sounds incredible. I’d love to go on a road trip, we are toying with doing a bit of a rail holiday travelling around for a week or so in July, but we will have to see.
      Bee xxx

  • I’ve had all the travel envy about your Roman adventures! Sam and I are hoping to make an Italy trip in August ish. Xx

    • Oh babe – it was truly gorgeous! It was busy (so would hate to see how it is in the summer months) but it is truly gorgeous if you get the chance to go!
      Bee xxx

  • I would absolutely love to visit Rome, what a stunning city! That fountain is beyond beautiful, I’d love to spend the evening there eating gelato! Swoon xx

    • Oh boy, the gelato won it hands down for me! It was perfect. You must go!
      Bee xxx

  • I loved visiting Rome, what a beautiful city! Also (and I know I say it a lot) but I’m really in awe of your photo editing, it’s just lovely! Alice xxx

    • It’s a gorgeous city, isn’t it? Thank you so much – I just use vsco 🙂
      Bee xxx

  • Hayley Rubery

    Girl your photography/Instagram is ridiculously on point right now – I love the edit you use! Looks/sounds like you had the best time! I’ve never been to Rome but my best friend loved it when she went and has raved about it ever since so I need to add it to my travel bucket list!

    Hayley xo

    • OH BABE! Schtap it. You will make me blush, but I will be gracious and say thank you! Rome was just wonderful & March is a great time to go for both weather and although it was busy, it was much better than the summer months. Let me know if you do go!
      Bee xxx

  • Carolin

    I enjoyed all of your pics especially as I went to Rome only a few months ago. It seems to be always sunny and warm in Rome 🙂 Totally agree with you, there’s so much to see and do in Rome when it’s your first time visiting. I spent 6 days and every day was packed with lots of sightseeing. Did you get to have some ice cream from Venchi?

    Caz | Style Lingua

    • Aw man, I could have definitely done a few more days there like you did. It’s overwhelming! Ha! We ate that much ice cream I’m not entirely sure where we did eat some, haha!
      Bee xxx

  • Kel

    Looks like a marvellous trip – I’d love to visit Rome (though about 70% of my reasons are gelato related!)

    • Oh Kel, it was wonderful. I will never tire of Italy. Ever.
      Bee xxx

  • Looks like you had a wonderful trip! I’d love to visit Rome. My sister just got engaged – her fiance proposed when they were in Rome, at the Trevi Fountain! So romantic… x x



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