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I don’t know if I’m freaking out over nothing. It really could be just that, nothing. But recently I’ve felt like I’m having an identity crisis with my style. It’s odd I know, that at the age of 27, I feel like I haven’t got my shit together (well, my wardrobe life together.) Queue meme’s of me trying to look for adultier adults even though I am an adult. I just feel like I don’t know where I fit in with my particular aesthetic. My overall look changes each day to the next and I now I want to really hone in on my style.

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One day I’ll be happily parading around in a total girl boss outfit, blazer, pair of cigarette pants and boots ready to take the fashion world by storm. The next I’m happy as Larry, running around the farm in my Hunter wellies and Barbour jacket. Heck, I’ll be rocking my old school vans and a casual tee on the third day. So where on earth do plonk myself on the style spectrum?

 I’ve come to realise though (thankfully, for the sake of other people’s eyeballs) that I’m not one of those Missguided babes with legs for days (because trust me, I ain’t got legs for days) and neither am I someone who looks like they’ve just jumped in an arts & crafts box and attached feathers, glitter and every colour of the rainbow to their body. That’s just not me. But kudos to those who simply rock it (I’m looking at you Stephi, you mega babe, you!)

The fashion adverts that are on TV at the moment all feature tiny, metallic skirts and jackets, skimpy bralets and all manner of tiny things that are just typically not my style. I want to scream at the TV and throw it across the room.

A couple of years ago I was shortlisted for the “Best Fashion Blogger of the Year” award with the Bloggers Lounge. I didn’t win, but crikey, boy did it feel good to be nominated and shortlisted. But in hindsight, I look back at my style content then and I simply cringe. I put bizarre outfits together, that just so weren’t me. Well, aren’t me now I should say. I now feel a bit like a fraud being shortlisted because there are so many more gorgeous style bloggers out there that totally rocked it and were way ahead of their time back then.

With the likes of Lizzy from Shot from the Street, Erica Davies & Hannah Gale being some of the coolest, fashionistas out there. I know my style can hop between all these different bloggers styles, but it’s not as defined as theirs. So, where do I fit in to the mix? And why can’t I be as cool as them? (sob!)

I know I have plenty of style posts coming your way, but are you really interested in what I actually dress myself in because I don’t venture out of the norm, nor do I always have the must-have item of that season? From a commercial point of view, aren’t serious style bloggers meant to post an item on their blog and it’s expected to sell out within seconds of it going live? (Just like it happens with the aforementioned bloggers above.)


Luckily, places like Marks & Spencer’s have totally entered the twenty first century and are throwing out some major shapes with their latest collections. With the likes of Alexa Chung’s archive collection last year, Twiggy has now put her hand to designing and creating some signature pieces for the every day wardrobe. I had the pleasure of meeting her at the M&S Archives in Leeds a couple of weeks ago a small group of bloggers & a small selection of Sparks Card holders got to have a sneak preview of her latest collection. Think cute pink brogues and delicate crisp, white dresses. There’s something for everyone in the collection. But coming from such a down to earth, humble lady – I’d expect nothing else. I knew the moment I saw the woven hem top from Twiggy’s collection that it was firmly a wardrobe staple.

She really knows her sense of style, but she’s not pigeon holed herself. It’s clear that she embraces that.

And, maybe I’ve come to the impending resignation that really, my style is exactly what it is and there is no honing to be done, because I have already perfected it?

It might not be polished and my outfits may vary from day to day, but ultimately, if I pick up a particular piece of clothing and I like it, then surely that is my style.

(Maybe I’m not having a style identity crisis at all and it was all in my head?)

So is it really of any relevance, my style, to you my readers? But then I thought about it, it is of relevance because my style is part of me and ultimately, this little space on the web is something for me to use as a creative outlet and to talk about all sorts in my life and if that includes the outfits I choose to wear, then I’m afraid that I’ll be boring you with them a little longer. Granted, there hasn’t been as many fashion posts on here recently but there is going to be a lot more to come over the next few months. Which I hope you’ll stick around for? (That’s me begging and pleading for you to stick around.)

Do you feel like you’re in a style rut? Or that your style doesn’t conform to what’s expected of us?

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10 comments so far.
  • Lea H

    Just go with the flow! Like you said as long as you love and feel comfortable with the cloth you picked it’s totally your style! I think I just about found my style in the last two years and now I’m fully embracing it! My friend just recently gave me the biggest compliment about my style and it literally made my day.
    Oh and I love your outfit posts.
    Lea, xx

    • That is so lovely! It’s nice when you work out what works for you & it sounds like you are more confident than ever now you have found it. How would you describe your style?
      Bee xxx

  • Old Fashioned Susie

    I love this top on you. Was fab meeting you at the event. You might like a book called The Curated Closet xx

    • Thank you so much. I couldn’t resist this top when I was looking. Ooh I will have a look for that one!
      Bee xxx

  • Ah Bee, this outfit is great, don’t you worry over no crisis even being there!
    I flit between thinking I’ve got it together, then not. I thought when I hit 30 I’d magically feel more *styled* – fact – I still don’t! The only thing I do know, is I don’t buy lots of clothes, and I try to LIKE everything I have… but that said, I’m like you. Some days I’m totally feeling my inner 50s vintage chic… then another I’m trying to wear trainers and a jeans combo and be as casually chic as I can muster.
    I’m not there or defined yet, but I’m trying to work on it… but I will never be a one-look kinda girl. But that’s OK too isn’t it??!
    Holly xx BLOG:

    • Thank you so much lovey! I was really happy with it and starting to realise I don’t need to pigeon hole myself in to a certain style. You definitely rock your inner 50’s goddess style! You always look amazing in your full skirts. I think I am exactly the same, I don’t think I’ll be a “one-style girl” either!
      Bee xxx

  • Amy Eade

    Haha I lolled at ‘an adultier adult’. I’m exactly the same when it comes to dressing – I dress so differently some days to others in terms of being smart or casual but I think that’s totally OK and doesn’t mean you don’t have your own style! From someone looking in from the outside I think you totally have your style sorted and I love it!
    Amy xx

    • HAHA, I’m glad I make someone laugh LOLOLOL! Its great to know it isn’t just me who hasn’t got a defined style (as such!) I think there are so many fashion bloggers out there that have a distinct style & I wonder if that’s how I should be?
      Bee xxx

  • Bee. Bee. Bee. I really wish you could see what I and everyone else see. That you are a total babe yourself and I honestly wish I could rock some of the outfits you do!
    I am like you though. One minute I’m in ankle boots, casual workwear, the next baggy jeans and my hunter wellies of on walks with the dog and toddler. Or even trainers.
    But, that’s me. I like that I can swap hats. That I know what I like and also that I can show ‘real’ outfits over staged ones that are just for show.


    • Oh Caroline, you really will make me blush! I guess I see so many polished Fashion Bloggers out there that I wish I had a distinct style like they do, but I guess that is just it, I am showing you my “real style” and that changes ever so slightly from day to day! Thank you for helping me see that!
      Bee xxx



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