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OH BOY. Have I been living life in the fast lane recently? Life shows no signs of slowing down and I wrote about how I was feeling here. Luckily, I have a weekend away in Rome to look forward to this week, but not before a whistle stop tour down to London with work. A couple of weeks ago we headed to Darwin Escape’s own holiday resort in Keswick which gave me a couple of days to recharge my batteries in a different environment. But, I totally got the “Smonday feels” on the Sunday as I had a delightful wake up call of 4am on the Monday morning. So, to make the most of our weekend break to we took a nice, leisurely stroll in to Keswick town centre, complete with the lushest brunch you could imagine.

Pssst…. Isn’t Mr C dreamy?

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No visit to a countryside town is complete without popping in to various local stores. No less was this antique, bric-a-brac store that was complete with first press vinyls and old trinkets for us to look amongst. We spent ages trying to find various old records of bands we love, such as Rolling Stones, The Beatles, Metallica and Jimi Hendrix – some of the old classics. We are both super-keen music enthusiasts so it was a dream heading in and having a nosey. They also sold really old glass bottles, jugs and vases and I’m kicking myself for not buying a couple on the way out.

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Our next stop was brunch and your girl here loves nothing more than flat white complete with a delicious plate of food that could pass for lunch or breakfast. We stopped in to the most insta-worthy café called, Merienda. The décor was a bloggers dream (and pretty much sold itself to me before we even walked through the door) Old wooden school chairs, tables and benches. Succulents and cacti’s everywhere, even the foliage hanging from the ceiling brought the outside, in. Minus the rain of course!

The menu was a winner and we opted for a classic full English complete with poached eggs, rare breed bacon & sausages (nom), vine ripe tomatoes and button mushrooms. Oh and not forgetting some stodgy corn bread for good measure. Guzzled down with (the nicest!) hot flat white, both of us were in food heaven. I’m so glad we stumbled upon this place because it was dreamy. We took our time and just giggled and chatted for the best part of an hour, watching everyone pop by whilst we were cosy in our little corner. But with only two hours on the car, we had to head back and we decided to take a little drive around the lake.

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The Lake District is famed for it’s beautiful scenery and it definitely worth a visit if you are ever in the UK or heading up North. If you are looking for a quieter, less tourist populated area, it’s always worth heading the twenty-some miles north away from Windermere to Keswick. It feels a little bit more rugged and remote in around Keswick’s waters. Almost like you are in the middle of nowhere or the very northern tips of Scotland. It’s breath-taking. Sadly, the weather wasn’t kind to us, so we drove all around the Lake taking various pit stops to take photos of the views and gorgeous landscapes that surrounded us. With no deadlines to get back we did it on our own terms and very leisurely (even if we did have to do a little bit of off-roading in our 4×4 to get round a Land Rover on a single track road!)

And that brings me to the title of the post. Living life slowly. Switching off for me has been so hard lately. It was nice to spend a dedicated weekend to being somewhere we both love, having next to nothing of phone signal and not having any real concrete plans or time schedules to stick to (other than being back for our 3pm spa session – heavenly!) and I think we forget that our bodies and minds need that for our own sanity. The alone time for us both was needed as I have been travelling around so much since New Year. I’ll be planning more weekends like this throughout the year, no doubt. It was the perfect staycation to live life in the slow lane.

Will you be heading on a similar holiday this year?

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  • I really really loved the Lake District when I went – I don’t think I’ve seen anything so beautiful in England (and in fact, was also the location of my “switching off”). But yeh, after having spent a long period of time in the past year just being totally away from social media, I feel pretty renewed now. It’s become a necessity to me now.

    • Oh man, it really is somewhere you can just indulge in all things relaxing/chillaxing isn’t it? I need to have a bit of a social media detox again – I go through fits and starts.
      Bee xxx

  • Stunning photos Bee -I do hope you’re getting some much needed down time in Rome this week too lovely!
    Holly xxx // http://www.mrshollycrocker.com

    • Thanks so much Holly. It was jam packed but I don’t feel too tired after all the sightseeing (thank goodness!) But I now need a sun, sea and flop holiday to look forward to now. Have you any travel plans this year?
      Bee xxx

      • Not many yet but they are in the pipeline…

        • Eek I can’t wait to hear what you do plan! X

  • Oooooh I could definitely do with a trip like this some time soon! x
    Sophie Cliff

    • YESSS! You really do. I think you’d really benefit from it 🙂
      Bee xxx

  • Wowzers! Your photos of the Lake District are so stunning! xx

    • Oh Amanda, you are far too cute! Thank you xxx

  • Hannah Briggs

    Absolutely gorgeous pictures! Always get blown away by your photography xx

    Hannah | trustinvogue.com

    • Oh Hannah, you are far too cute! Thank you bubs. Practice, practice, practice!
      Bee xxx

  • AnnaInternational

    Aww Bee! Another post packed with simply stunning photos! Would you do a post on how you edit soon? I just love the amazing moodiness you’ve captured, it is so perfect for a wintery UK break.
    We went to Galway a couple of weekends ago for the same reason – stroll around town, recharging batteries, big brunch and some stunning scenery. I’m posting about it later this week and already getting keen for another trip – in fact, I maybe even prefer these little breaks to a full week away – a little bit of relaxation that doesn’t cause too much hassle, unlike coming back after a week away to a bursting inbox and loads of stress! xx

    • Oh bless you, thank you gorgeous (and ps. another massive congrats to you!!!)

      Do you know what I think I will, it’s just finding the time to get the imagery done for it as a step-by-step guide. But it is on the cards (that is if people want to know?)

      Your trip looked gorgeous, I was super jealous. It really is nice to keep it close to home for so many reasond.

      Bee xxx

  • I definitely think we could all do with a little bit more slowing down! The Lake District looks so gorgeous, I’d love to visit myself too, and such an easy place in the UK to get to for a weekend.


    • Oh Milly, I still need to slow down. Life can be so chaotic without us even realising it! You must go, it’s simply stunning.
      Bee xxx

  • Aww, it looks like you had a lovely break away! The Lake District is a gorgeous place to visit – although I haven’t been in years. It’s so important to take some time out, slow down and relax! x http://www.aimeeraindropwrites.co.uk x

    • Oh boy, was it! It was so nice to go walking and blow away the cobwebs with no time constraints. I’d love to do a longer weekend and really o for it on the chillax-o-meter!
      Bee xxx

  • I’m so struggling with fast living at the moment, I’m dying for some time to slow down but it just doesn’t seem to be happening yet!

    Jasmin Charlotte

    • Tell me about it, it seems so many people are struggling with that. I guess it’s a busy time of year, I know it is for us at work with everyone getting their budgets for the year! Lets hope we all get some deserved down-time soon.
      Bee xxx

  • Looks like you had a lovely time. I went to the lake district in October and it was amazing, felt totally refreshed after it! Have a nice holiday in Rome <3 xx


    • I LOVE the Lake District in October! Rome was splendid thank you, lots of posts coming.
      Bee xxx

  • The shops and the landscapes are incredible!! what a beautiful place! Alice xxx


    • They really are – have you ever been? If not, you really must!
      Bee xxx

  • omg the images look absolutely lovely…. amazing vibes popping through here in the office. 🙂 happy hump day!
    xx finja | http://www.effcaa.com

    • Thank you so much Finja, I’m glad it cheered up your day a little!
      Bee xxx

  • Lauren Wilkinson

    This looks absolutely beautiful Bee! I definitely want to do a staycation this year, especially as we are broke with the wedding later in the year. I’d love to do exactly this.

    Lauren – bylaurenjane xx

    • Eurgh, I know the feeling Lauren. When we got married, I managed to get us a cheap deal to Tunisia through work for about £200pp all inclusive and it was the only one we got for well over a year. It’ll all be worth it when your special day all comes together though 🙂
      Bee xxx

  • Sometimes some peace and quiet on a relaxing holiday is much needed! The Lake District is beautiful x


    • You are SO right! It was definitely what we needed.
      Bee xxx

  • Your photos are absolutely amazing!


  • Kel

    Your photos here are beautiful, as always! I do love the lake district and will add Keswick to my visit list as we’ll hopefully be up and around that area soon!
    Ive been crazy bust and stressy at work recently too, and a quiet, slow, chilled weekend away like this sounds like heaven! x

    • Oh Kel, you are far too kind. I just practice, practice, practice now and get out with my camera as much as I can.

      You really must – I know you’d love it.

      Works crazy, I think everyone has got their budgets making it much more crazy!

      Bee xxx

  • Emerald Dove

    Gorgeous pictures! I used to live in the Lake District and this post makes me want to move right back




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