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If there is one thing a blogger loves, its events! They are a great way to learn about new brands and a brilliant way to socialize with other, fellow bloggers. I don’t know about you (especially if you are reading this & a blogger yourself) is that it’s pretty hard to explain to someone exactly what a blog is! So to have a time and a place where you can shamelessly snap photos of everything in sight and talk about SEO and all the she-bang that comes with it is a serious bonus. And our prayers have been answered by the blog-Gods in the form of #TheCityGirls Leeds Event by the wonderful Lorna from Life by LDE and Holly of Tea&Blush. After the success of their Sheffield meet it was time for round two, with some of the loveliest Leeds Bloggers (I’m biased, I know?)

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The event was held at a stunning venue called The Liquorist, it’s one of Leed’s newest additions and is positioned on Greek Street, a road that has some amazing bars and restaurants to socialize in. As you can see from the photos, the place is to die for. I mean who has door knockers on the back of chairs? Oh yes, that’d be the Liquorist! I decided to indulge in a cocktail, a Pornstar Martini, after all it was after 12 o’clock. So I watched the mixologist carefully prepare this tasty passionfruit cocktail before we all headed upstairs to the event. Name badged up, camera in one hand and a cocktail in another, I was ready to go!

The City Girls Leeds 12

The City Girls Leeds 1

The City Girls Leeds

This is going to be a long one from me, purely because the event really does deserve it. Lorna & Holly did an amazing job of pulling together a large group of brands & PR’s for us all to mix with such as The Body Shop, Manuka Dr, Kendelle Fashion, Benefit, Zack from Exposure Ninjas PR & Ellie from Good Relations PR. It gave us chance to mingle with new people and brands that I wouldn’t normally have the pleasure of meeting. For me, meeting two PR companies was a blessing in disguise because it’s great to understand what a brand is looking to achieve when working closely with bloggers. Plus they were two local firms that I hadn’t had the chance to work with yet and I do hope that I can work with in the future.

Sadly, I didn’t manage to speak with The Body Shop or have a little makeover from Benefit, but it was great that these brands were getting so much interest! As a Fashion & Lifestyle blogger, I felt that I should let those who do beauty, do beauty at this event. You see, I’m nice! Instead I made a bee-line for Kendelle. I was met by a gorgeous array of prints and design and, the beautiful Chloe – I was so interested in hearing how she got in to working in Fashion too. Kendelle are going from strength to strength and now feature in five Topshop stores. They have also been the best selling concession for a few weeks on the trot too. It’s clear to see why. They have a real edge, mixing the playfulness of brands such as Missguided but the prints are reminiscent of Zara’s SS15 collection too. Sassy & chic, what more could a girl want from a clothing brand? I’ve already got my eyes on a few things such as these strappy heels & this playsuit for our trip to Mexico! I know when payday rolls round I will be making use of the 20% discount codes we were given.


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Dotted around the venue there were lot’s of goodies on offer & I have to tell you I was so impressed! I had to get my hands on one of the Michael Omara colouring in books that we’ve seen on the high street recently. I’m struggling to sleep at the moment, so feel like this could be the answer to all my hay fever-ridden prayers! And not only that, there was Twig & Dot (whose candles smelt UH-MAZING!) and some pretty nail polishes from Angelica’s. It was a plethora of gift giving from some wonderful brands.

The City Girls Leeds 6

The City Girls Leeds 2

The City Girls Leeds 13

Let me tell you, no blogging event is complete without a raffle and boy did these girls do well for the raffle. At £5 per strip we were supporting possibly one of the most heart wrenching charities in Leeds, Leeds Women’s Aid. I had to fight back the tears as we listened to the volunteer talk about her own experience at the hands of mental and physical abuse. The scary statistics show that one in five people will experience some form of domestic abuse in their lifetime. That’s a shocking fact, that reached well within my core. Their centre is a refuge for both women and children who have suffered at the mercy of an abusive partner or person and it’s places like these that give other’s second chances at leading a happy life. I couldn’t not put my hands deep in my pocket for that cause. You can donate here too!

Armed with two strips, I actually won something! This is unheard of, as when it comes to things like this I am super unlucky! However, I won the Mr Blanx bundle, Perfume & A Tangle Angel & not only that, the lovely Lorna & Holly crowned me the most active and memorable #CityGirl and I won 500 business cards from StreeFreePrint.com which I can’t wait to start designing!

Not only did I win, the other great news was that we had managed to raise £240 for this worth cause and Holly’s employers Aviva were going to match it – so all in all the grand total raised came to £480. I think we can all pat ourselves on the back!




For me, the event was a roaring success. I finally got to meet some gorgeous bloggers for the first time who I’ve died to see and got the chance to catch up with some of my blogging besties! I think Lorna & Holly did a brilliant job & I think they deserve a holiday after the time and effort put in to the event. Did anyone say #PRRequest. If you get the chance to go to the next event, you must, must, MUST go because you will not be disappointed!

Bee xxx

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  • HEY WIFEY! Gorgeous blog post, love the photos! It was so great to finally meet you and to catch up with all things bloggy. I am so glad you had such a lovely time with us, can’t wait to meet up again and get those drinks in! Bambi anybody? 😉 xxx <3

    • Hello Mrs QueenBeady!
      I’m so glad you like it – it’s a little photo heavy, but it was such a photogenic event (hashtag #photogenic) I know I can’t believe it’s taken us this long, but hopefully this will be the start of a beautiful marriage 😉 LOL! Let’s get another bambino sometime, hehe!
      Bee xxxx

  • Carolin

    I followed all the life action and reporting over on twitter. This event looks so cool and fun and a wonderful alternative to the oveercrowded Bloggers Love events. Hope there will be another one soon, I’d love to go! The venue looks super stylish, how cool are those chairs?!? Congratulations on winning the title of most active blogger on social media (I didn’t expect anything else). xxx

    Caz | Style Lingua

    • Hi Caz,

      Haha it was quite the event that required such a big social media presence haha! I think I did a periscope too, by which time the cocktail had probably already gone to my head, LOL!

      The venue was to die for, Lorna & Holly did an amazing job putting it all together! Keep an eye out on #TheCityGirls / @thecitygirls twitter feed for updates!

      Bee xxx

  • Elena

    looks amazing – and you got such beautiful photos! glad to hear local charities were involved too, alongside some really prestigious brands!

    Elena Itchy Bones

    • Hi Elena,

      Thanks, I’m so glad we had the charity there too. We raised a staggering £240 and Aviva (Holly’s employee’s matched it so actually it was £480!)

      Bee xxx

  • Lovely post and round-up of the day! Had such a good time 🙂
    Btw, it’s 500 business cards you won, not 50 😉 xx

    • OHHHH Kristina, what a terrible typo, LOL! I will immediately get that fixed!
      Glad you enjoyed & managed to scout out the error hehe!
      Bee xxx

      • Haha I thought so! I wouldn’t be too happy with winning only 50 😉 xx

        • Hehe! You know me, If I’d have won dog poo I’d have been happy LOLOLOL!
          Bee xxx

  • Sarah Campbell

    Looks like you ladies had an amazing time at the event! I wish I’d heard about this one sooner it looks like an absolute blast and so many awesome brands involved! I’ll have to keep my eyes out for the next one!

    Sarah 🙂

    Saloca in Wonderland

    • Oh Sarah,
      It really was a fabulous one. I guess blogger run events are amazing because bloggers know, what bloggers want! You really must keep your eyes peeled. Follow them on Twitter if you can ❤️
      Bee xxx

  • Helloooo! What a great set of pictures, feels like I’m back there now… was a pleasure meeting you, even if it was brief! 🙂
    Jess x

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  • Donna Dyble

    Finally hunting everyone down & adding them to my “The City Girls” folder on Bloglovin(i’m SO anal lol) Another lovely post & now i feel i need a selfie stick 🙂 Hope to see you again at future events xxx
    Donna – Midlifecrisisbeautyaddict.com

    • Haha! I love a good list or folder! It sounds like your my kinda gal. I’m glad you enjoyed the post, it was so lovely to meet people that I’ve had the pleasure of online socialising with 😉
      Yes & hope to see you soon too!
      Bee xxx



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