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Let’s face it, holidays and travelling can be bloody expensive. Sometimes budget doesn’t allow and other times money just has to be spent on “adultier” purchases. Some of us might not be as lucky to be able to hop on a plane every few months so it’s hard to not let the wanderlust hit you hard from time to time. (Especially with every Tom, Dick & Harry blogger currently jetting off to far flung destinations right now!) With Summer coming up, it’s a great way to try bring those holiday vibes in to our lives without having to cross any pond to do so. So, what can we do to make sure we get all the holiday feels in our lives? I got some great ideas for you.

Seems a pretty obvious choice doesn’t it? But, why not mix it up a little? Head to a seaside resort that’s new to you rather than visiting old haunts. That is unless of course, you know the perfect sandy cove that could rival one of Majorca’s gorgeous beaches?

Stay in the UK and make a long weekend break off it. Head somewhere new and explore what it has to offer. To keep costs down, try seek out free activities you can do. We headed to Oxford (You can book a hotel here!) and rather than pay for the walking tours around the city we visited destinations on our own steam. There was a small fee to pay to go in to one of the places but overall we didn’t spend a huge amount! Bath & Brighton are two places on my UK hit list.

Does anything scream more “City Break” than finding a hidden gem of a rooftop bar where you can hang out, drink Pimms or Aperol Spritz, whilst watching the sun set? This is a must if you want to feel like you are on holiday!

Obviously, if you are a massive Disney fan like me, then heading to a UK theme park is a definite bucket list option. I love Alton Towers because it has a mix of mid to extreme rides! Plus they have gorgeous gardens to walk in if you’re feeling queasy! Another great place to head to is Flamingo Land because it’s got a Zoo attached to it as well. I mean rollercoasters and lions in the same place? What a dream!

Get your dose of culture by heading to a local art gallery. It’s something we always find ourselves doing when we head on a city break (even though neither of us have a clue about art!) – the Hepworth in Wakefield is a really great place to head to. Or if you’re based in London, head to the Tate Modern.

Find a local restaurant that offers a slightly different cuisine from what you’d normally do. Turkish, Greek, Caribbean? If there is one thing I love, it’s trying out the local food when on holiday so this could definitely ease the holiday blues!

I know when I pick up my camera and explore my own backyard I truly start to appreciate what is around me. It helps ease the wanderlust just a little bit because I learn to find the beauty around me.

Load up the car or head on a walk locally so you can enjoy a cheeky glass of prosecco! Grab your fave bites to eat and have a little picnic somewhere with a view. Simple yet super cute!

And this might be a little out there…

A lot of tour operators offer holidays with low deposits, starting from as little as £60pp (Jet2Holidays) and with summer 2018 on sale with most companies, now is a great time to get an early deal without having to part with too much cash! As they say “the early bird catches the worm” and it’s exactly the same with holiday booking!

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  • Laura Torninoja

    YES to all of these! As the summer approaches I’m definitely itching to go on holiday, but it’s so good to remember that the UK, and London especially, has so many things to do without really having to go that far! I’m actually going to Brighton this Saturday and CANNOT wait – it’s one of my favourite cities. <3

    Laura // Middle of Adventure

    • ABSOLUTELY! I would LOVE to go to Brighton, you must tell me how you get on because it looks so much fun!
      Bee xxx

  • Head to Cornwall, seriously! It feels like you’re on holiday abroad, is far warmer than everywhere else in the UK and the beaches are perfection! 🙂 Alice xxx

    • Mr C & I’d first holiday was to Newquay. I’d love to explore and go to St Ives too. It looks dreamy!
      Bee xxx

      • Definitely explore more of Cornwall if the only place you’ve been to is Newquay! As much as it can be busy and is good for surf, there are far far more beautiful quaint seaside towns to visit! St Ives/Padstow are lovely, but always packed! Head to Falmouth and the Helford and Perranporth and Sennen for the same seaside town vibes with far less people! 🙂 xxx

        • It sounds so dreamy – I don’t think you could have sold it to me more!
          Bee xxx

          • Plus if you do come down, seeing as we’ve just bought a house on the border of Devon/Cornwall, come stay on your way! Then we can be, y’know, actual real life friends rather than just internet chums! 😉 xxx

          • Now THAT sounds like a plan! Your place looks so dreamy!
            Bee xxx

  • Robyn Taylor

    This is so me!! I’ve not been abroad since I was 7, and I’ve always found lovely things to do in the UK! I went to Scotland on a week long walky/photography a couple of years ago and it was stunning! Your ideas are perfect!

    Robyn /

    • YES! See, there is so much to do in the UK! Scotland would be dreamy. I’m glad you like them, do let me know if you do any of these activities.
      Bee xxx

  • I love having a picnic when it’s nice and sunny 🙂 We loved visiting Bath a couple of years ago and said we’re definitely going to go back again x


    • It’s so good isn’t it? You instantly feel super excited (well, I do anyway, ha!) I would LOVE to go to Bath!
      Bee xxx

  • I absolutely LOVE this! I feel like there is SO much to do in Britain, that sometimes you don’t even need to go away! Trying a new cuisine and going to a theme park is a great idea. xx

    Jessie | allthingsbeautiful-x

    • SO SO SO SO MUCH! We forget how beautiful our country is because we are always so obsessed with jetting abroad and all that FOMO! Let me know if you head on any trips.
      Bee xxx

  • LOVED this girly! There’s so many things to do in London too especially rooftop bars!

    Georgina |

    • Well, you have it all there! I hope you found some inspo for your bank holidays 🙂
      Bee xxx

  • I was feeling a bit down about staying at home this bank holiday but these ideas have totally perked me up

    • YAY! I’m so glad I could help. I keep kicking myself because we have 2 bank holidays and I have nothing booked either. Sadly, budget just ain’t allowing this year. Hope you enjoy one of these activities 🙂
      Bee xxx

  • Some great suggestions here lovely! Rooftop bar vibes would do the job good!
    Holly xx BLOG:

    • They are so much fun! Definitely get the holiday vibes!
      Bee xxx

  • I absolutely love these tips and what a great idea for a blog post! I definitely think that a UK staycation could be really fun especially to Oxford or Cambridge etc!x

    Kayleigh Zara

    • Oxford is to die for, I would DEFINITELY recommend it!
      Bee xxx

  • Such fab and simple ideas Bee.
    I especially like doing a few of these already, but definitely want to add in more short/weekend staycations over the rest of this year into next. 🙂
    I take my camera on all our walks and it’s great taking pictures.. even the same location pictures, but in different seasons and time of the day.


    • Me too, staycations are such a fun way to explore our home country and it can still feel like you are on holiday! A break from every day life can be very welcome.
      Bee xxx

  • Kel

    I do love a good staycation! You don’t need to go far or for long to count as a really good getaway either – and we are dead lucky in Yorkshire as we’re already in one of the most beautiful places in the world!
    (that being said I just totally wasted my bank holiday weekend by doing pretty much nothing!)

  • lifeasloismay

    I’ve been looking to book a staycation and have wanted to go on a little trip in the UK. I’m eyeing up Edinburg and Bath at the moment due to so many bloggers and youtubers visiting these places recently. I have also been going on a photography walk in my area because brighton is so pretty in the summer!
    Great read,
    Lois x

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