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After we land back from Ibiza next month, six days later we get to head to our first festival, Tramlines, for 2017 as a Festicket Insider. And boy, I can’t bloody wait! Mainly because we get to see one of our fave bands of all time back up on stage again (which for many years it was questionable whether or not we’d ever see them live.) And now we will get to see them for the second time since our little mini heart attack on the matter. Tramlines Festival visits Sheffield for the eighth year and keeps getting bigger and better. In 2011 the Festival won ‘Best Metropolitan Festival’ at the UK Festival Awards, so I’m even more excited to visit this award-winning festival and experience the music! There’s 5 bands that I’m super excited to see…

Who: The Big Moon
Where: Devonshire Green
When: Sunday, 6.15pm

You may or may not have heard these gals, moody tones on Radio 1 recently. I’m a massive advocate for girl bands, especially when they can play instruments too. It’ll be super interesting to see their stage presence. I want them to work the stage like they’re Haim (I can keep my fingers crossed can’t I?)

Who: Spring King
Where: Devonshire Green
When: Saturday, 6pm

I missed Spring King at Leeds Fest last year. But my fry up was a priority after a heavy night. I could just about hear their catchy rifts from our campsite. I was super gutted I missed them, so when I finally get to see them I can finally tick seeing them off the list because, boy, do they know how to produce a good song!

Who: We Are Scientists
Where: Main Stage
When: Saturday, 7pm

Okay, every time I see WAS I regress back to my 15 year old self. But when the intro to “Nobody Move, Nobody Get Hurt” comes on, my legs start moving and my body starts shaking to it. I really couldn’t care less. I’m gonna listen to some of their latest tunes to see if they get me as excited as their 2004 bangers!

Who: All Saints
Where: Devonshire Green
When: Saturday, 8.45pm

Yep. I’m probably gonna get slaughtered for saying this, but my 7 year old self would be pretty darned happy if she knew 27 year old Bee got to see All Saints. 20 years later and I’ll get to bop along to Pure Shores, Lady Marmalade (the second classic of this song!) and more. I can safely tick this one off the bucket list!

Who: The Libertines
Where: Main Stage
When: Friday, 8.45pm

Of course. The Libertines. The band that completely makes this festival worth every single penny to see them live again. We first saw them in 2015 at Leeds Festival and I could not stop singing my heart out. It was one of those amazing, memorable nights where the rain stops and the sun comes out, like it was all meant to fall in to place. From their self titled album to Up the Bracket there is nothing better than having a good ol’ sing-a-long with Pete and co. I can’t wait to see them again!

So, with a stellar line up to boot, who are top of your bill at Tramlines Festival this year?

I can’t wait to get on down and enjoy myself! And then rest my head at the Travelodge Central (who knew you could head to a festival without pitching a tent?!) ready for the next day!

Do you wanna go? You can buy your tickets here!

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