I’ve probably mentioned in my last two posts that Oslo is a pretty expensive place (soz bank account!) but, I have to say it is most definitely worth it if you manage to find cheap flights (HI RYANAIR ANSWERING ALL MY PRAYERS!) As it was a Christmas present for Mr C, all the planning was left to me & sometimes making decisions, ain’t my forte. Gulp. After reaching out to Sophie after her trip last year I set to booking everything and sometimes you look to other blogs for inspo. I wanted to create a quick guide to where to eat, sleep & drink in Oslo for you guys & hopefully if you decide to head over to the Scandi borders it might come in useful for you too.

htl grensen oslo


htl grensen

After much deliberation (‘cos as I mentioned I’m terrible at making final decisions!) I settled for the HTL Grensen. It was around £170 for 3 nights, which given the high living costs in Oslo, wasn’t that too bad! I picked it for it’s central location, just off Karl Johans Gate and being equal distance from the area, Grunnerlokka which I desperately wanted to check out and also the Harbour. The hotel, I feel, is a lot more luxurious than it actually gives itself credit for. We had a slightly larger room with one of the floor to ceiling windows (after a little, cheeky email to the hotel management – told you those tricks work!) – the view was of the street below but it almost felt like we were spying on the street & not once did I feel vulnerable with such large windows. We stayed room only, and because our flight schedule royally messed our body clocks up, we were never awake to try out the breakfast here. They have large, glass bottles of water to take up to your room in the reception area and coffee was available too which Mr C certainly enjoyed. The hotel has a really cool & hip vibe which matches that of the city itself. If I was to come back to Oslo I don’t think I would choose anywhere else to stay. Credit owed, where credit is due.


Nighthawk Diner


Yup, the Nighthawk Diner was always going to be high on this list. After an amazing recommendation from Emma we hiked our way over to Grunnerlokka on our first morning and indulged in the best breakfast/brunch EVER. Sadly, every other breakfast we ate through our trip just ended up being a bitter disappointment. It came to roughly £40, but it was most definitely worth it!

Again, we were trying to be really careful with where we went depending on what budget allowed. We were really boring and ended up at the Hard Rock Café Oslo one night and gauged on humongous burgers. Really tasty (and actually a lot better the Amsterdam one we went to a few years back) and we also ate at O’Learys’s (the first time we indulged in a pitcher of beer) which is another burger & ribs kinda place – it was absolutely delicious!




You aren’t going to get blottoed in Oslo, let me tell you that first off. For 1 pint it is the equivalent of around nine whole English stirling pounds. Yes you heard me right, £9. So, drinking wasn’t really a lunchtime thing. Except, when the rain started to pour so heavy on the Sunday that we had to take shelter in an O’Leary’s bar, which, was probably the place to get slightly cheaper drinks.

Oslo is really more about the coffee culture, just like Hendrix Ibsen. I mentioned that here in my last Oslo post that it just one of those places that felt automatically cool. With locals playing with the board games, to the rich coffee smells that lingered in the air, it was definitely one of the spots I enjoyed most for a little down time in the city. Located next to the Mathallen which also has plenty of food & drink establishments inside too which is really worth a wander round. I had to stop myself from wanting to buy all the food.



Fingers crossed if you decide to travel to Oslo, this little quick guide might help you on your way to getting the best deals and experience whilst you are there! And, if you have any questions please just drop me an email or comment below!

Bee xxx


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  • Giant soft pretzels are one of my favourite snacks ever, so that first photo looks like my idea of heaven!

    • Mmmnom. I wish I had had one now!
      Bee xxx

  • Sam

    These photos are absolutely stunning and definitely make me want to visit! Those pretzels look so yummy 🙂 xxx

    Sam // What I Know Now

    • Thanks Sam! It’s a gorgeous place and well worth a visit.
      Bee xxx

  • Hayley Rubery

    Love this post lady – your pictures are beautiful! Now I need to get myself to Oslo ASAP!

    Hayley x

    • Aw thanks Hayley, that means so much! It’s such a cool, hip & vibrant city. I would highly recommend it!
      Bee xxx

  • Bernadette
    • Thanks Bernadette! Glad you enjoyed it.
      Bee xxx

  • Your hotel looked so dreamy! So glad you loved Oslo xxx
    Sophie Cliff

    • Oh Sophie, it was fab! Such a great spot and a cosy room!
      Bee xxx

  • Alice

    I NEED TO GO TO OSLO! Still on my Scandi bucket list. It looks great! Alice XX | flashanthology.com

    • YESSSS! That would be awesome, you must go. Super cute place & so cooooool!
      Bee xxx

  • Oh wow Oslo looks ace! Love the window in the hotel room! Also…. A WALL OF PRETZELS?!?!?!

  • Honor Jane

    Just discovered this guide and I’m so glad I did! I’m moving to Oslo in January to study for 6 months, so I’m trying to find out as much about it as I can. Here’s hoping the student budget can cope over there….

    Honor xxx | studentviewoflondon.blogspot.co.uk

  • Really useful post. Oslo is high up on my list of places to visit.



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