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5 Reasons You Need to go to Madeira | QueenBeady

April 3, 2016


imageI have so many memories to share with you from our trip to Madeira but first I want to share 5 reasons why you should travel to Madeira! I won this fabulous trip at icelolly.com #BlogAtTheBeach event last year and it is something I am truly thankful for. The holiday came at a time where my body just needed that break and it was time to soak up some sunshine and spend some quality R’n’R with my husband too. Whilst some say the island is the Blue Rinse capital I didn’t mind rubbing shoulders with the OAPs because Madeira had so much more to offer….


The Food
I know this seems like an obvious one. I know, I know. But seriously, the food on the island was without a doubt the most beautiful food I have EVER tasted. We used trip advisor a lot to choose our options, mainly sticking within the top 20. We had a fantastic gourmet experience at Goya, a restaurant that has a concept menu including your wine and also highly recommended in the Michelin Guide too. A fabulous curry at Sabir, where the owner was an absolute gem and the creme de le creme of all mother of meals was our twice-eaten steak on a stone at Solar de Aduja. To say the steak was incredible would be a huge understatement. Your meal is brought to you on a large wooden tray complete with ridiculously hot stone to cook your steak to your exact needs. Rated number 13, I really need to get this place to number 1!

The Weather
Ha. Again, another really obvious choice. However, Madeira has a really steady temperature all year round. Ranging between 20 – 25 degrees celsius makes it a really good choice of destination for the winter. I even managed to get something of a tan whilst out there.



It’s So Clean
I mean REALLY clean. I have never seen somewhere so spotless in my entire life, not even a splatter of bird poo. ANYWHERE. At our hotel gentleman walked round with Harris Hawks to scare away the pigeons to keep it all clean. There was no litter anywhere. It was a paradise for the obsessive cleaners!


The Views
And my, what views they were. From the rugged east side of the village covered in green forests and waterfalls to the sunny west with views for days. It really has to be one of the prettiest landscapes we have ever seen. I could go on for hours sharing the photos with you (in fact I did on Instagram!) this is definitely a place for exploring! You’ll need some hiking boots or some strong shoes for walking but it’s so worth it!

No Hassle
Except for a few of the restaurants trying to collar you in, it’s a relatively hassle-free place. Unlike places like Turkey and Egypt you can freely walk down the street to look at shops and menus without the worry of being stopped every five seconds. It’s so relaxing to go to a place like that. You want, you buy. You don’t, you can still keep looking and not get bothered! Win, win.


I can’t wait to get my photos off the camera to share with you. The snippets of my iPhone snaps are something I still wanted to share as I captured many happy memories from our trip. A huge thank you to Ice Lolly for making it possible – it was well-needed!

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Have you been to Madeira? After reading this do you think you will go? I’d love to know!

Bee xxx

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