27/ 05/ 2016

Why I’m Thankful for Technology | QueenBeady


I felt I just had to write this post on the spot. I’ve just come off the phone from a Facebook video call with my Nana & Grandad. It really made me smile. Not only the fact that they are using technology in their late sixties and (sorta) bossing it, but it just made me really happy that I can do that in 2K16 and not get blown up by the Millennium Bug, ya’know? I can be interactive with my family without so much as clicking a mouse button. We are more connected than ever and I’m so thankful for technology in that respect. Here we go again, the ol’ word vomit is about to happen…

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25/ 05/ 2016

Fathers Day Gift Guide for the Adventurous Dad* | QueenBeady

House of Fraser Fathers Day
It’s not something you usually see gracing the screens of QueenBeady relating to male items, but, as like most girls & ladies at this time of year we are frantically trying to think of new and exciting gifts for our Dad’s in the run up to Fathers Day so I wanted to make sure I could help a sister or two out. Thank me later y’all. But seriously, men are just notoriously hard to buy for & I for one can be left pulling my hair out trying to think what on earth can I spend my hard earned cash on to make sure I see some sort of smile on my male counterparts face. As ever there is a travel / adventure theme underlying with these gifts which I hope you will find most useful for the 19th June in my Fathers Day Gift Guide!

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23/ 05/ 2016

Road Trippin’ with eShores | QueenBeady

eShore route 66

For those of you who are long time or regular readers of my blog you’ll know I’ve got an incurable case of wanderlust. It’s funny how now that I’m no longer in the Travel Industry I travel a lot more. With four trips booked this year, one of which took place in March, I’m always looking for new and exciting destinations to get my teeth into, be it soaking up the sun in Mexico, to wandering the streets of Nice, to people watching in Amsterdam, I know I’m at my happiest exploring. The infamous Route 66 turns a grand old age of 90 this year and eShores is celebrating with various bloggers by sending them a pack of goodies to keep them occupied on a long road trip!

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20/ 05/ 2016

Feelin’ Sassy with all my Perfect Imperfections | QueenBeady


Jacket H&M | Top H&M | Neckerchief ASOS | Belt New Look | Jeans Warehouse | Heels New Look | Bag Bought in Italy | Photography Matt McCormick

I saw something on Facebook the other day that quite frankly, pissed me off. Okay, maybe that is a strong way of explaining my feelings. First it pissed me off, then it made me sad, then it made me question society. All these emotions came from a post that kinda went like this “Omg I’m a size 12 now. I’m so fat!” Whilst I really hope that the person can work on loving her body, it just made me so sad that we are conditioned to believe we should be perfect all the time. Guys, you know what I’m probably at my heaviest (albeit not that heavy at all) and yet I’m still feelin’ sassy with all my perfect imperfections.

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19/ 05/ 2016

What IS Self-Care & Why is it important? | Guest Post by The Good Life

Cliff Views East Side

I very rarely accept guest posts on QueenBeady.com, just because I like to be the sole creator of what I put online, but I’ve found that the more blogs I read the more inspired I am and I want to share with my readers just some of the writers that really get my mind ticking & one of those is Cydney from The Good Life. Describing herself as a vegetarian, a multiple business owner, a social butterfly, an online entrepreneur. Not least mum to one lovely little boy of three years old, this girl is someone I aspire to and she’s only 23. So, without further ado, I’ll let Cydney take it away!

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17/ 05/ 2016

Blogging from the North | QueenBeady


Jacket C/O Get the Label | Dress Urban Outfitters | Boots C/O Ted & Muffy | Choker ASOS | Watch Larsson & Jennings | Bag Bought in Italy | Sunglasses C/O Sunglasses Shop | Blow Dry Alice, Aqua Creative | Photography Matt McCormick

I’ve always had the idea in my head that you have to be down in London to make anything of yourself in the blogging world. I’m sure a few of you (read: a lot of you!) will probably feel exactly the same way. With major companies mainly all based down south it’s normally very difficult for us Northerners to get a look in when it comes to opportunities and events. But, over the last year I have noticed a massive change. The offerings are becoming plenty for us online blog warriors up here and we are starting to make some noise and it’s not going unnoticed. Blogging from the North just got a whole lot more exciting…

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15/ 05/ 2016

Exploring Cities in the Right Pair of Shoes* | QueenBeady


If you are anything like me, I need to have comfortable feet. They are the part of my body that keeps me going on long, busy days and they needed to be treated with the care & attention they deserve, so when I’m travelling to new city destinations I know my feet are gonna take a pounding. Hashtag sorry feet. So it’s only right that they are treated to the comfiest pairs of shoes to make sure that I can cope with the long days. I never want to be that person that moans ‘cos they’ve got blisters and they wanna go back to the hotel. Na-Ah! So I’ve done a little round-up to help you on your way to exploring cities in the right pair of shoes…

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14/ 05/ 2016

How to Travel with just Hand Luggage | QueenBeady

Pack Light Amara

If you had told me that in December 2015 I would have been able to pack a whole weekends worth of clothes in one rucksack for a city break to Amsterdam I would have laughed at you square in the face. Beady does not pack light. No Sirree. But, I did. I managed to pack 3 day & 3 night outfits with toiletries and shoes in to one bag. And when we go to Oslo at the end of this month we only have hand luggage again. I know some of you may be crying out in horror! How, you might ask? Well I’m going to tell you how to travel with just hand luggage…

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