24/ 06/ 2016


Full length QueenBeady Woolover

Neckerchief C/O New Look | Jumper C/O Woolovers | Jeans C/O New Look | Watch Larsson & Jennings | Bag C/O George at Asda | Sandals Birkenstock | Photography Natalie at Tofu Diaries Blog

I was called “very strong-willed” the other day. It’s very far away from the view I have of myself to be honest. I just see myself as a panicky, over-thinking, late-twenty year old mess. But then, I got thinking about it. Maybe I actually am quite “strong” – because some of the things I have to put up with, which for the purposes of this blog I will not actually go in to detail, a lot of people probably would have said a big “F U” to, many, many, maaaaaany moons ago. The same person who said I was “strong-willed” I actually stood up for the other day in a slightly heated discussion. One where it felt like they were getting the blame for something that in all it’s entirety was not their fault. So yes, I sat back and thought deeply (yeah ‘cos I am deep & shit!) and came to conclusion that actually yes, maybe I am.

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22/ 06/ 2016


Bee Royal Palace Oslo

Jacket C/O New Look | Top New Look @ ASOS | Jeans C/O George at Asda | Trainers Nike

The second full day with our weekend in Oslo at the end of May saw us head on a bit of a wild goose chase. We just couldn’t find anywhere like the Nighthawk Diner (if you click this link you will enter the world of the best breakfast I have EVER eaten!) for brunch that I had a (minor) paddy. We ended up sharing a Subway that was about 5 feet away from our hotel after a good hour or so of traipsing around finding somewhere to eat. Some of you may know when my levels reach “hangry” I am not to be messed with so the steak, cheese & chilli foot long was exactly what I needed to make sure we had a pleasant day seeing some more of the cities sights which were dotted around the city. The first stop was the Royal Palace and the view down to Karl Johans Gate which was only a five or ten minute walk from our hotel, HTL Grensen.

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19/ 06/ 2016


QueenBeady Quiz Clothing

Blazer H&M | Dress C/O Quiz | Shoes New Look | Watch Larsson & Jennings | Clutch Charity Shop | Photography Matt McCormick

I’m not gonna lie, this outfit made me feel pretty damn sassy. World you can’t stop me, I have my sass pants well & truly on with this one. Whilst a white dress with pink flowers is usually way out of my comfort zone, this Quiz dress made me reconsider. I think it’s because of the shape of it along with the ever-so-popular choker style neckline which we are seeing everywhere at the moment. Not that I’m complaining, it’s a look that I absolutely adore and quite frankly it kinda hides me three chins. Whatchaaa gonna do about that, huh?

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14/ 06/ 2016


Cocktails with Microbar Box

It became apparent the other night, under very clear circumstances, I am terrible at adulting. I mean, really terrible. You’d think at the age of nearly 27 I would have really mastered the art of it, but somehow, I just don’t. I can’t even get a packet cake mix right (much to my Husbands dismay on his 28th birthday this week.) However, there is one thing I can do, and that is drink and respect the art of a cocktail. I can appreciate the taste of gin and how vodka makes me a little tiddly (guys, I feel it is necessary to add a disclaimer: I do not advocate drinking in excess and you should drink responsibly! Which is probably what I should have told myself on Saturday night.) The lovely guys at Micro Bar Box sent across one of their subscriptions boxes across for my husbands birthday to enjoy with our friends for our celebrations.

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13/ 06/ 2016



For many, maintaining a healthy-balanced lifestyle comes naturally. For some (like me) liking the odd (read: lots of) treat(s), not doing much exercise with being sat behind a computer screen all day can lead to a rather unhealthy lifestyle. I’m very much an all or nothing kind of person when it comes to my diet and exercise, becoming obsessed and once I’ve reached my goal I forget all about it and fall straight back in to old habits. But, as I reach the latter side of my twenties I’ve realised it’s not just about numbers on a scale, it is all relative with getting my bottom off the sofa and making conscious decisions about what I eat to ensure I live a more healthy lifestyle and look after my body in the right way. I’m thrilled to be working with Slim Fast on their #SlimFastLunchClub campaign.

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12/ 06/ 2016


QueenBeady Oslo Opera House

Jacket C/O New Look | Top H&M | Shorts Boohoo | Trainers New Look | Watch Larsson & Jennings

Oh Oslo, you are a town that is so fresh from anything we have seen before. So clean, safe and ever so cool. It’s safe to say that I fell completely head over heels in love with the Norwegian City of Oslo. It’s two weeks since we were there and I’m still walking around in that “holiday bliss” phase (which I’m sure will disappear soon!) After booking some very reasonable flights from Manchester and a rather chic hotel for Mr C’s Christmas present, I have been counting down the days since the 25th December for this trip. I’m hoping I can share with you some of the fun we had (go watch the vlog too!), along with places to see and things to do during our weekend in Oslo, and maybe you might just want to give this little corner of the world a visit!

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10/ 06/ 2016


The Botanist

I love a good meal out, in fact, our friends & family are always winding us up about how much we like to indulge on trips to our favourite restaurants. You see, when you have an unhealthy relationship with food (#relationshipgoals) it’s hard to pass up any opportunity when invited along to review somewhere, especially when food of all epic proportions is involved #ilovefood. We were asked by The Botanist in Leeds to come and try their brand spanking, new menu for the summer months and without hesitation I was like “GIMME ALL DEM FOODS. I AM THERE. WHERE DO I SIGN UP?” because, girl loves food.

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09/ 06/ 2016


George At Asda Bardot Top

Hat C/O George at Asda | Bardot Top C/O George at Asda | Jeans C/O George at Asda | Shoes Monsoon | Watch Larsson & Jennings | Bag Charity Shop | Photography Matt McCormick

So I wrote a post about where Summer had got to? Then within an hour of the post going live we were subject to temperatures way past 20 degrees Celsius. I now know that all I need to do to win the lottery is write a blog post about “WHERE ALL MA MONEY AT?” (I joke, of course!) so I was a little bit worried to write a post only days later entitled “The sun has got his hat on” that he might go back on his jollies and take his sunshine elsewhere and leave us Brits with the rain, again. I guess I’m going to have to take a risk and we will just have to wait and see, won’t we?

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