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Hi guys, not to depress you or anything but I’m heading on plane to Nice with University Rooms today. It’s somewhere I’ve long desired to travel to and it’s finally happening. But sometimes you can hit a brick wall when you come to decide where to go on holiday next. There’s an influx of resources available online and it can sometimes really bombard you. When I was in travel, I was frequently tasked with trying to find the holiday and destination for clients. Sometimes it was so easy, and others were pretty hard to please. But I always gave an imaginary, mini fist-bump when I did find something for them. I’ve put together a few tips of how you can help make that process a little bit easier and seem less of a chore!

1. USE OTHER BLOGS AS INSPIRATION. Yep, I’m as gullible as they come and as soon as I see a pretty photo of somewhere on someone’s blog or Instagram, I’m hook, line & sinker. The term “influencer” and “enabler” is flung around a lot, but it’s hard not to deny that in this day and age our spending habits are really based on what we see online now. I don’t shy away from the fact that I booked a cheap trip to Oslo because of Sophie (and the £45pp return flights, TA RYANAIR!) and my trip to the Dominican because of Lucinda.

2. GRAB SOME BROCHURES. I know we all rely on the internet now, but there’s nothing like grabbing a few tangible brochure to look at. The colourful photos and info are great for getting sat down on the sofa with your travelling companion to flick through on rainy, drizzly day!

3. HOLIDAY DECIDER QUIZ. Lot’s of tour operators have some fab quizzes to decide where you should go next or what type of trip you should take next! This one on Thomson’s is great and worth a go if you are struggling with deciding on your plans.

4. TRIPADVISOR CAN BE YOUR BEST FRIEND OR YOUR WORST ENEMY. I love TripAdvisor, it’s so great to see so many first-hand experiences of what people have experienced whilst on holiday. I love how over the years it has now incorporated restaurants and things to do on the site, too. But, it really can be your worst nightmare. Nothing sucks more than finding the dream holiday and then finding a couple of bad reviews. Take them with a pinch of salt though, only you can make your own experience!

5. JOIN TWITTER CHATS OR FACEBOOK GROUPS. Joining in Twitter chats with other like-minded individuals on the world wide web community can lead you to finding the perfect break and joining Facebook communities might open your eyes to new ideas and possibilities.

6. DO AN ALLOCATION ON ARRIVAL. This might be a scary one for some, if you are really struggling to decide where to go or what hotel to choose, allocation on arrival deals can be great. Usually, you are given the destinations to choose from but where you will stay is down to the availability on arrival. If you like to choose exactly what you want, this one might not be for you but if you are feeling adventurous and open to the opportunities, this might be a pleasant surprise for you!

Do you use any of these tips? Or have do you any other sources of where you get your travel inspo from? I’d love to know!

Bee xxx


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  • Eek I don’t think I could wait until I got there to figure out where I would be staying! That would drive me mad, I’d be so nervous. Saying that though, I am the worst when it comes to Trip Advisor and have talked myself out of what could have potentially been amazing places all because of the negative reviews! I’m learning to really look at what people are complaining about, sometimes its just complaining for complaining sake!

    Sarah 🙂
    Saloca in Wonderland

    • Hehe Sarah! It’s not for the faint hearted, the allocation on arrivals option. You are so right, some people just really complain, for the sake of complaining. I try see past it as much as I can if I’m deadly certain I wanna go somewhere.
      Bee xxx

  • Kel

    I love reading the bad reviews on tripadvisor – usually it’s pretty easy to tell between the genuine problems and people being mental ! It can be SO hard to pick holiday destiantions though – too many places to choose from!

    • Haha, I have to say, it proves for some hilarious reading material doesn’t it, if nothing else?!
      Bee xxx

  • I LOVE blogs for travel inspiration! I’m always amazed by the places that people visit. I also love Instagram and Pinterest too! I’m always yapping away at work about the next ‘most amazing place that I just found in the world’ to everyone and they’re always like ‘where do you even find these places’ haha! I’ve got a very long list of places to visit. I’m also incredibly picky, because I have certain places that I want to visit at specific times of the year too for those perfect photos hah!

    xo April | April Everyday

    • YES YES YES! I love seeing places through a bloggers eyes. I think the quote “I haven’t been everywhere, but it’s on my list” rings very true for you & I!
      Bee xxx

  • Amy Simpson

    Travel blogs make for incredible holiday inspiration and offer a genuine insight into a hotel or destination! Though they often get to visit places a girl can only dream of! Such good advice in this post! I definitely agree on the trip advisor one, it’s a great resource but I can be easily put off by bad reviews! I need to get better at taking the good and the bad together.

    Amy x

    • Absolutely! Blogs have inspired many a trips these last few years. It’s so nice to go and experience it for yourself.

      Bee xxx

  • I wish I was in the position to think about going on holiday. I’m so busy at the moment! Hopefully in April I’ll be going away- I don’t care where… somewhere scorching hot with unlimited cocktails?! That’s the only criteria 😉

    Claudia // Lipstick Theory // Lifestyle Blog

    • Oh no Claudia. I really hope you manage to fit one in. Cocktails and sunshine both sound heavenly!
      Bee xxx

  • Great tips! I always find Trip Advisor overwhelming because there are so many reviews on it.. i defo use other bloggers as inspiration though it’s put Iceland on my list of places to go to


    • Hi Veronica – same here, I always get put off places because of TA sometimes, try to take with a pinch of salt unless it’s being said over and over again! I’d love to go to Iceland!
      Bee xxx

  • This is such great advice! Using blogs for inspiration and holiday quizzes is a great idea! I’m going to try that next time I plan a trip away 😀


    • Thanks Kate, I’m glad you think so! It definitely worth a go.
      Bee xxx



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